There Will Be Fireworks @ King Tuts Dec 09

Posted on March 3, 2010


Usually not much is to be expected from the first band on a four strong line up, but opening act There Will Be Fireworks soon make turning up fashionably late seem a daft idea. Walking in to second song of the night, ‘Midfield Maestro’, it’s clear that this is an extremely emotive band that can pull at the heart-strings, and wouldn’t be out-of-place being played in the background of Grey’s Anatomy. ‘Foreign Thoughts’ and ‘We Sleep Through Bombs’ follow showing that the band are a strong collective, attacking a song from all angles and creating a sculpted, atmospheric sound. The highlight of their set comes with the track ‘Guising’, which is a beautiful lullaby that really showcases front man Nick’s vocal range, before the calm is shattered as the band link into the stomping ‘Off With Their Heads’. There’s a real Arcade Fire feel about the rhythm as an instant urgency is transferred over the band, and the words ‘It’s so cold you can see your breath for miles’ could not be more fitting tonight. They finish with their Christmas song ‘In Excelsis Deo’, far removed from your Cliff Richards classics, which helps add to the new musical respectability of these holidays. Though missing their horn section for tonight’s show the band didn’t skip a beat and the prospect of additions to the line up only make a return visit to see TWBF even more appealing.

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