Posted on March 4, 2010


When I heard LightGuides were supporting Twin Atlantic I went back to have a good listen to them, as they had been on my radar for a while under their old monicker We Hung Your Leader, but I guess I never really checked them out properly before. I was totally blown away by the quality of their songs, and the sheer quantity of quality songs they possessed. This in mind I was gutted at not catching them at the ABC, but i blame this on a rather late arrival by a friend from Dunfermline (i guess the horse n cart was running late). Since then I’ve not been able to stop listening to the band and they’ve become one of my absolute favourite acts in Scotland.
The thing that strikes me about LightGuides is their arrangements, as they keep chopping and changing in songs and make things varied and unpredictable. ‘You Lose Again Vulcan’ is a prime example with a very short part in the middle where the tempo rockets and the intensity explodes making the song for me. I love a song that has that one moment that makes you take notice and sticks in your head, but only gives you a small portion of it, leaving you wanting more, but glad the band didn’t ruin it by giving too much. Lyrically the band keep away from indie cliches and offer plenty of thoughtful insights that are both punchy and memorable in their delivery. There isn’t the delay ridden guitars that are everywhere these days, and instead they mess around with alternating and intricate guitar pieces that often delve into driven and angsty power progressions- perfect for getting the point across and giving a bit of night and day to their songs. ‘Swizzle Stick’ and ‘Midget Gems’ are both tracks that take you through LightGuides musical repetoire and have the kind of chorus action that should see them gather an even bigger following as the good slots continue to come their way this year. I read somewhere that Sam Mctrusty said he thought it was about time the industry took notice of LightGuides, and he’s spot on. I could really see them becoming a lot bigger as they’re a band that have a definite accesibility to them, and could easily follow in the footsteps of Twin Atlantic.


Best introduction song:   Swizzle Sticks

Catch them live:

  • March 11th – Edinburgh – Caberet Volataire
  • March 13th – Perth – Twa Tams
  • March 19th – Aberfeldy – Custardfest @ Aberfeldy Church Hall
  • March 27th – Glasgow – O2 Academy (Futures Festival Mainstage)
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