Monday 22nd – Sunday 28th

Posted on March 20, 2010


Here’s my hit list for the week. Fuck knows how many of them I’ll make, but all of them look like a pretty good bet for a good day or night out.

Monday 22nd

Make Sparks + Cast of the Capital + Little Yellow Ukuleles

Make Sparks are one of the best bands around at the moment and have a cracking live sound to boot. Support for the night is really strong and I’d recommend getting down early to catch all 3.

Tuesday 23rd

The Glasgow Slow Club feat: Mr Gavin McGinty + Amber Wilson + Duncan Phillips

3 cracking acoustic folk acts well worth checking out. Expect some ventures into country from the lads, but very accessible versions of it. Amber’s voice, with the danger of sounding a bit soft, is quite stunning and the kind you melt to.

Wednesday 24th

Mickey 9’s + Johnny Reb + Aint No Woman Gonna Make A George Jones Outta Me + Choral Stimulation

I’m not quite sure what to say about Mickey 9’s other than they’re completely out there and nuts, but in a totally brilliant way. Only 3/4 bucks for 4 bands and the proceeds go to charity, so since none of us probably gave a shit about Sports Relief this could be a chance for redemption and something quite a bit different. Click here for ticket details.

Thursday 25th

Midnight Lion + Song Of Return

I’m really looking forward to Midnight Lion after being impressed by Atlas Skye. They’re quite the buzz band right now and I’ve heard that tickets may be disappearing fast for this 1, so I wouldn’t delay in grabbing your freebies.  I’m also really keen to see Song Of Return as they have some real pedigree behind them so this could be 1 of the best nights in The Mill Yet. Get your tickets here.

Friday 26th

North Atlantic Oscillation + Panda Su @ Sneaky Pete’s

Album launch for NAO, so it should be a fairly celebratory night and a chance to grab the new long player. Panda Su, who featured on Skins this past week, offers some top-notch support. For tickets click here. If you’re over Glasgow way then NAO play The Captain’s Rest the following night.

Saturday 27th

Idlewild, The Dykeenies, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Twisted Wheel, Nine Black Alps, My Latest Novel, The 10:04’s, The Paddingtons, Sergeant, The Xcerts + many more spread across 9 venues in Edinburgh for a 1 day spectacular.

For a full list of acts and stage times click here

Tickets are only 20 quid, which is a bargain considering there’s about 70 bands playing. I’d say check out We Were Promised Jetpacks, The Xcerts, Make Sparks, Tango In The Attic + Healthy Minds Collapse to pick just a few from a cracking line up.

Check the festival myspace for ticket details.

Sunday 28th

The Slow Club feat: RM Hubbard + Smackvan @ The Flying Duck

Not a night I know a lot about, but it’s set up as a proper chill out session to finish off the weekend and includes acoustic music and a film. It will be worth popping along for the stunning fret work of RM Hubbard alone. Check the blurb for the night, it sounds like an intriguing one.

Please do feel free to leave a comment if you’re going to one of these gigs, have seen any of the acts before, or if it’s after the fact and you’ve already been to the night. Also if you’ve got any tips for future weeks give me a shout as I’m a lazy shite and you doing the work for me would be great.