Midnight Lion @ The Mill 25/03/10

Posted on March 27, 2010


It doesn’t feel like very long ago I was in this same venue watching both members of Midnight Lion in their previous band Atlas Skye. I was pretty impressed by them and have loved the Midnight Lion recordings so I was expecting a lot from tonight. To be honest the show took a while to get going, with the first 3 tracks being pop ballads by nature and not having the kick to them that the recorded songs have. Then came ‘I Will be King’, a dance inspiring, uplifting stomper of a track that sounds like A-ha dabbling with the  methadrone, and would get Stephen Hawkins throwing some shapes. This brought proceedings to life with frontman Stewart Brock strapping on the guitar and looking far more fluent in what he was doing, the drums picking up the pace, and the keyboard work/backing track being much clearer and more prominent. Another ballad followed, but the fact it was sandwiched between ‘I Will Be King’ and ‘Sleeping In The Woods’ helped it work. Midnight Lion’s final song was ‘All Greatness Stands Firm’, a piece of pop brilliance with a crushing tribal beat and haunting vocals Kate Bush would be proud of. Stewart has an amazing voice and he got really stuck in here as the band delivered a massive finish. I’m looking forward to seeing them in a different environment, with a more up-for-it crowd that will suit their brand of music far better. The audience was pretty stagnant, typical of the night, and this detracted from the feel of the gig, but not the songs on display. It’s crazy to think how new a band Midnight Lion is, and while the start of the set didn’t really do much for me, the latter parts had some prodigious moments which showcased how good they are and could be.

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