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Posted on March 30, 2010


Here’s some of the new stuff I’ve got through this week, all well worth checking out, and as always click on the band name for a listen.

Oliver Stays

Having just seen them at the weekend (check the review here) I was rather pleased to get new track ‘The Unevolved’ through. It’s a rampaging piece of indie that adds to their already outstanding recordings, and you can have it for FREE. All you have to do is join their mailing list which you can do on Twitter or by going to their Myspace, and this way you’ll be kept up to date with what the band are doing too.

Shambles Miller

A singer-songwriter from Glasgow who rather nicely sent me his ‘Shambles Vs The Dragonwizard’ EP earlier in the week. Shambles can tell stories in the style of Frank Turner, telling it like you would expect someone to do in the pub. While I think Frank Turner may get a bit annoying over a pint as he’d just keep talking and telling stories about himself, Shambles would be much better company as he displays the ability to convey quaint observational stories, as shown on ‘Robots’. It’s a lovely delicate acoustic track, and the highlight of the EP for me. Shambles Miller also has a blog which you should check out, and the EP is available for purchase here.

Skies Fell

Another band offering a freebie, this time on their Bandcamp. Same as before, simply sign up to the mailing list and get yourself  two tracks. If you like something you can hold then they also have handmade copies for a fiver. I’d never heard of Skies Fell before they sent a link and I’m glad they did as both songs are great introductions to the band. There’s definite post-rock progression in there, and I get an 80’s feel from the bass, with its bouncing meander. The guitars are intricate and work well both when delicate and giving the tracks a bit of kick, like the end of ‘Hurricane’ which will be a perfect set closer. ‘Contest’ is made by the vocals for me with the catchy chanted ‘it wasn’t built for this’ being the highlight. Some real signs of promise in these early recordings, and I’ll be looking out for gigs.

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