Hinterland Afterthoughts

Posted on April 4, 2010


First off, I reckon the organisers put on a really good show, and did particularly well at spreading the bands out, allowing the audience for each set to be as big as possible. The only point where it got a bit frustrating was around 9pm when there were 4 bands on I would have liked to have seen, but it’s impossible to do a multi-venue festival without such clashes, and I’m happy with what I chose to see at that point. So, well done to the folk behind the event, I think a lot of people will be looking forward to next year. The other thing that sticks out is the people who were there. So many folk were just wanting a blether, asking randoms about what they had and were going to see, and the whole feel around the venues I went to was really friendly and engaging. When Glasgow is like this there isn’t a better place to be, and last night highlighted for me how great the music scene in the city can be. I got the chance to say hello and have a wee chat with Mr Jim Gellatly, who was a thoroughly nice guy and very willing to talk, though he must have had steamers like me popping over all night. Cheers for taking the time Jim. I slightly worried myself when I went to the Sub Club as I’ve been to this venue so many times over the years, but upon entering was pretty confused as to why I was going down stairs and not up. Clearly I have been quite the fuck-head anytime I’ve been there, which isn’t much of a revelation, though I was very well behaved this time, probably a response to having music to my taste on display rather than the usual techno ear beatings. My night ended with the last train home, so I didn’t catch as many bands as I would have liked, but I’m still left with the feeling that it was a tenner well spent. Here’s my thoughts on the bands I managed to catch:

Make Sparks

I was running a bit late so only got about 3 songs from the Make Sparks guys. They were the festival’s opening act and I can’t think of  a better way it could have started. I would be really surprised if they don’t return next year as a signed band.

The Kays Lavelle

Really big crowd for this and i can definitely see the appeal behind the band. Their new single was the highlight of their set, it’s a beautiful track and should do well for them. I was moving around quite a lot at this point, so only got about half of their set, but I’m glad I caught what I did.

Midnight Lion

I’d seen them a few weeks before and mentioned wanting to catch them again in a different venue, and the altered surroundings made a big difference. I really enjoyed them before, but tonight the sound was so much better. I loved their first two tracks, while they had blown by me previously, and they came across as every bit the band of the moment. The venue would have been mobbed if it housed only the photographers who turned up, so expect to see images of this duo everywhere in the coming week.

Little Yellow Ukuleles

Got a chance to say hello to these guys a bit later in the night and they were really nice chaps, who were genuinely stoked over the crowd at their slot. They played a great set, and accompanied their array of cracking tunes with a really engaging stage presence.

Panda Su

I was almost left disappointed with Mr Esperi’s lack of panda face, but he redeemed himself with a fetching mask at the end and gave me the full line up of bamboo munchers I was hoping for. The venue was rammed for this and we were all treated to some great tunes that were insightful and poignant.

The Boy Who Trapped The Sun

This guy loves soup, and is a real talent. His voice sounds even better live, and there were many wonderful intricate acoustic pieces to help emphasise it. “Home’ was the highlight for me, and his companion on Cello and backing vocals was also wonderful.

I only saw 6 bands? Ah well that will teach me to live in the arse end of nowhere.  I still feel like I saw a lot, with it being the first time I’ve caught many of the acts, and all of them thoroughly impressing me. I guess it’s quality, not quantity that’s important (that’s some Chris Kamara type punditry there) and I’m more than happy with my choices. Getting the last train home was probably a blessing as it allowed me to do my drunken rambling and gushing over the internet, rather than face to face, and I was blabbing on a fair bit in the early hours of last night. I shouldn’t have a password for my computer, I should have a breathaliser test. Really enjoyed the evening and can just about see straight again, so it has been a success for me. Let me know what you thought of Hinterland.

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