Pareto- Your Heart Is Ready For Home EP

Posted on April 6, 2010


I’ve been a fan of what Pareto have put out previously, and even still have some This July tracks on my Ipod, but the ‘Your Heart Is Ready For Home’ EP sees them make¬† a big step up in both their studio production and songwriting. ‘Castles‘ is surely a set opener, and should be as banging an introduction to the band’s live show as it is to their new recording. Punk and indie sensibilities are meshed throughout, conjuring images of (a very up to date version of) The LLama Farmers, with the new broader sound and increased dynamics coming through strong. Quite often band’s can find new toys, and forget about the one’s they used to play with, but no danger of that here;¬† second track ‘Nothing Major‘ shows that Pareto have retained the ability to write infectious indie music that will get people moving as surely as it will have them singing along. The thing that leaps out from this EP is the ambition and scope, particularly in the instrumentation. ‘Points Win Prizes‘ sees string sections used to caress and encourage the quiet parts, while they become thunderous and defining as the tethers are cut and the song is allowed to take off. The violins sound edgy (if violins can do that), and compliment and contrast the alternative rock leanings. ‘Call Me Alphabet‘ starts delicate and refrained, before an orchestral wave directs the indie undercurrent, washing over cordial lyrics of “restrain your tongue, I’m on my knees, I’ll stay and you’ll run, god help me please”.

It’s always good to see a band improve in a short period (particularly when they started off so good), and Pareto have definitely done that here with a very accomplished release that adds many bows to their string, and should see them win many new fans. It is released on the 19th, details of how to get it are on the poster above or the bands website. Alternately you can pick up a copy on the launch night, details will follow shortly.

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