Call Me Ishmael + French Wives Videos

Posted on May 8, 2010


My work stint is now over and there should be quite a bit on the blog over the weekend, including The Week In Gigs, an interview with Amber Wilson and hopefully more.

First up is two fantastic videos released by Scottish bands this week. Call me Ishmael and French Wives have both knocked one out the park with outstanding pieces of work that highlight brilliant upcoming releases and had me creasing myself. These promos are proof that a big idea goes a lot further than a big budget, and they beat the shit out of any big studio videos as far as I’m concerned.

Call me Ishmael- I Am Stop. You Are Go

The video was made by Johnny from New Retro, check out his site, and why not congratulate him on such a good piece of work while you’re there.

French Wives- Me Vs. Me

The Week In Gigs will hopefully be up later so check that for details of French Wives single launch.

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