The Pop Cop shut down, help get it back up

Posted on May 15, 2010


The Pop Cop blog was shut down last night, for what can only be described as wtf? reasons. Apparently it is due to ‘code violations’, which sounds ridiculous, and surely is something that a provider should be helping and informing its users about. It sounds very much like any guidelines have been adhered to and it’s simply a case of a massive provider not caring about its users. Find out the full story here.

The Pop Cop is a great site, one that I read regularly and have a link to on my blog. I don’t know the person who runs it, but it jumps out to me as a total farce that this has happened.  The site has been running for 3 YEARS, and would have taken A LOT of hard work to get to where it is now, and as easily as that some tech nerd can erase everything.

It’s remarkable that a massive provider can shut down a fantastic site like The Pop Cop, which is a great service in the Scottish music scene, when they could be spending their time looking out for phishing scams, online pervs and the masses of shocking content on the web.

Help get the blog back up by emailing Google at and letting them know your thoughts.

There is also now a facebook group, which you can join and show your support on.

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