Stag And Dagger Preview

Posted on May 19, 2010


Saturday 22nd May sees the Stag And Dagger Festival return to Glasgow after last year’s gathering got a big thumbs up. It’s a one day event in the city centre, involving 6 venues and 50+ great acts, all of which your ticket will get you access to.

Tickets are coming in at around 18 bux, which you can get from:

If you can’t manage that then there should still be a limited number of tickets to purchase on the day.

There also a limited number of ten pound tickets available from the Diesel Store on Buchanan Street, but I’d get down there fast.

Wristband collection will be from O2 ABC, from noon till 10pm on the day of the festival. All that is needed is your ticket. Getting your brief early may see you avoid the inevitable queues that will build as the day goes on.

Your ticket gets you entry to everything on the line up, but remember it is first come first served, and you may want to get down early to catch a band in one of the smaller host clubs. Over The Wall at The Captain’s Rest last year apparently saw many disappointed folk turned away due to a massive crowd turning up. It probably wont be a problem for the likes of the ABC1, but you never know.

The organisers have done a stellar job selection venues for the gigs, with some of the best spots in Glasgow being used. A couple of them are a wee walk, but nothing major and i think the short distance is well worth it for the atmosphere that they house. If you are unsure where any of the venues are then have a look at this handy map.

There’s A Lot on offer at Stag and Dagger, and while it’s nearly impossible to catch everything you want at a festival of this type, the timetable works out quite well to my tastes. Here’s a few recommendations of what I’m aiming to catch.

Wonderfully crafted intricate indie, fronted by Susie Liddell. Should kick the day off well and ease everyone into the mood.

A band that will fill the stage and the air, with ten members who make a fantastic sound. Have just played the Albert Hall and done a Radio 1 session, so are definitely a band on the up.

If you havn’t heard the debut TBW release, Sound Of The Storm, then this is a perfect time to be introduced to the band. A clever and crafted meld of  folk, blues, and country music that soundtracks the musings of Ross Clark.

Lo-fi indie-pop from up North, though they have fairly branched out, recently returning from a european tour. Their tunes are infectious and intertwined, with a snippet of twee-ness.

Profound US act that is starting to really take off over here. Anyone I’ve spoken to about the festival has this slot right at the top of their ‘to see’ list, and listening to The Antlers mix of ambient and quiet/loud atmospherics make this easy to understand.

Stunning new project from the men behind Aereogramme. Heartfelt and emotive music that will have the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. I would get down early for this one.

One of the best Scottish band’s around, who seem to not be around much these day due to US commitments, so catching them sounds a plan. Part of the brilliant Fatcat records stable.

Gadgets and tech geekery aplenty here, with a dance act that is really starting to take off and have the potential to be massive. I can’t think of a better way to finish off the festival, and it will defintely be worth the late night.

In general I’d say just take a chance on some acts you don’t know, which I’m planning on doing, as there are always hidden gems, and finding a new favourite really makes a festival like this.

If you havn’t made your mind up about what to see, or don’t want to pay for a timetable, here’s the full line up:

The Antlers 19:15-19:50

Wild Beasts 20:15-21:15

We Were Promised Jetpacks 21:30-22:15


Wilder 18:00-18:30

Erland and the Carnival 18:45-19:15

Jaguar Love 19:45-20:15

The Unwinding Hours 20:45-21:15

A Place To Bury Strangers 21:30-22:00

Glasgow School of Art

Gold Panda 19:00-19:30

Javelin 19:45-20:15

Egyptian Hip Hop 20:45-21:15

Titus Andronicus 21:45-22:15

Sleigh Bells 22:45-23:30

Dam Mantle 23:30-00:15

Synth Eastwood 00:15-00:45

Taz Buckfaster 00:45-01:30

Joker 01:30-03:00

The Vic Bar

Wilson Tan 19:00-19:30

Samuel Chase 19:45-20:15

Django Django 20:45-21:15

Fun 21:45-22:15

White Hinterland 22:45-23:15

Esban & The Witch 23:45-00:15

Schnapps 00:45-01:15

Silver Columns 01:45-02:15


Milk 17:15-17:45

Three Blind Wolves 18:00-18:30

Yuck 18:45-19:15

Jesca Hoop 19:45-20:15

Chapel Club 20:45-21:15

My Latest Novel 21:45-22:30

Men and Machines with guest: Serge Santiago from 11pm

Nice n’ Sleazy

Aerials Up 17:15-17:45

Bridezilla 18:00-18:30

North Atlantic Oscillation 18:45-19:15

Sky Larkin 19:30-20:00

Male Bonding 20:30-21:00

Divorce 21:30-22:00

Kong 22:30-23:00

Hot Club from 11pm

The Captain’s Rest

Olympic Swimmers 14:00-14:30

Sparrow & The Workshop 14:45-15:15

Islet 15:45-16:15

Tripwires 16:45-17:15

Wax Fang 17:45-18:15

Copy Haho 18:45-19:15

Turbo Fruits 19:45-20:15

Crocodiles 20:45-21:15

Kid Adrift 21:45-22:15

Blood Red Shoes 22:45-23:30

Any more queries then head over to the Stag and Dagger website which is packed full of info.

And finally, I’m going to be reviewing the event for a rather splendid publication, so let me know your recommendations.