The Week In Gigs: Monday 24th May – Sunday 30th May

Posted on May 23, 2010


I’ve decided to do this feature a bit differently from now on as the old format didn’t really accomplish what it set out to do; there are always certain days with multiple great gigs, and highlighting just one gig a day stopped me mentioning some great nights. Plus this process has become way too time consuming, so from now on I’m going to be highlighting simply what I think are the best gigs of the week, regardless of date, to prove I’m not day-ist, or something like that.

Monday 24th

Finding Albert + White Heath

I actually was posting this gig solely on the basis of White Heath being on the bill, who I’m a fan of, but luckily this has also brought Finding Albert to my attention. They sound fantastic and with 9 members should be something to see.

Thursday 27th

Moonlit Sailor + Galleries

Moonlit Sailor are a Swedish band I’d describe as post rock with accoustics- no vocals, but quite lovely progressive¬† music without the brashness. Galleries are supporting and their latest batch of tunes are sounding great so get down early. Bloc+ is the venue and it’s FREE entry.

Emma’s Emagination

Pivo Pivo is the venue for the wonderful singer-songwriter Emma Gillespie. She played there at Hinterland and I’ve heard nothing but glowing recommendations, plus the recordings online are fantastic. Tickets are 6 bux in advance (I’m not too sure where from though) or 8 on the door.

Friday 28th

Dusk: Loki and Konchis+ Admiral Fallow + Louise McVey and The Cracks In The Concrete

First part of the Dusk To Dawn event in aid of Maggies Cancer Caring Centres. It’s always good to support charity work, but when you can do it with a line up like this then it’s hardly an effort. Loki and Konchis are new to me, but have been on repeat all day; Scottish hip-hop is in a really healthy state and this is at the top tier of it. Admiral Fallow are a great band that Benjy from Say Anything Syndrom‘s enthusiasm for is contagious and has rubbed off on me, and Louise McVey + co bring some zany magic to the table making this a stellar line up. Tickets are 8 bux which you can get here. Check out the webiste for the event, and make sure you drop by the Maggies Centres site.

Saturday 29th

Dawn: Heather Downie + Aaron Wright and the Aprils + Alan McKim + Findlay Napier

Second part of Dusk To Dawn and another great line up, this time led by some very talented singer-songwriters. Get your tickets from the link above for just 4 pounds.

Sunday 30th

Indian Red Lopez + This Silent Forest

I’ve known Indian Red Lopez’s music for a long time now and they have turned into a brilliant band. The Aberdeen outfit are producing ambient and experimental bits of indie beauty and should not be missed as they head down to Glasgow. I’ve been waiting for a This Silent Forest gig for a while now and their big band brand of folk-pop sticks out in a genre that is very congested, but full of amazing Scottish artists. This is part of a mini tour, details of gigs in Dunfermline, Edinburgh and Bathgate are on the band’s sites.