Finn Lemarinel – I’m Through EP

Posted on May 29, 2010


Is This All They Are

I’m Through is the debut EP from Trapped In Kansas frontman Finn Lemarinel. The EP is a modern take on folk, incorporating crafted tech guitar playing while retaining the heartfelt storytelling associated with this genre. Probably the best example of this folk with a twist is on track The Mothers, which sounds like Neil Young collaborating with This Town Needs Guns, and showcases folk stylings while adding sublime guitar work. The Highlight for me is  Is this All They Are which is a quite stunning track where the guitar is used in ways I  would never have considered; intricate finger picking blends into stylish tapping while the body is used to provide a beat, and it works amazingly. This release is a great listen and Finn Lemarinel is a wonderful, creative talent. There is something for guitar players, acoustic and folk enthusiasts, and anyone with a good musical ear. The EP is available to download now and I’d highly recommend a listen to Trapped In Kansas while you’re at it.

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