Interview with Frightened Rabbit for The Banter

Posted on May 30, 2010


“We saw a thing on our twitter saying ‘Frightened Rabbit at Bellahouston’. We went onto the snow patrol website and there it was that we were playing”. It’s a massive opportunity for them to play at such a big event alongside one of the most successful acts in the world, but is a level of success akin to Snow Patrol something this band is striving for?

“I don’t think we’d ever want to get to the stage where we put a cap on anything that was happening, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being in the charts. The more people that hear your music, surely the better. It’s not necessarily a goal that we have to reach that, but if we do then it’s got to be a good thing”. Snow Patrol might have gained millions of fans with their chart success, but they have also alienated a lot of their long term followers who would suggest they have sold out. While I could see Frightened Rabbit appealing to millions and going on to be a worldwide name, I don’t think they will be doing it by dropping what they stand for and going mainstream. This is not a band that is looking to move away from its roots, which they highlighted perfectly earlier in the year with the making of their own video for the single Nothing Like You. Grant explained the reason behind this second promo, “The polished video was paid for by the label and we basically thought it was shit. It just wasn’t us and made us look like a crap version of the Killers. It had all this green screen stuff and we watched it the same way we listened to our record; differently and far more intently to try and pick things out. We just hated it, we weren’t comfortable when we were doing it so we had a lot of back and forth with the label and said ‘give us a week and we’ll come up with something better than that’, so we did. That’s actually the one that’s been used in America, I saw it on their MTV the other week. We feel like the work we put in has paid off”.

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