The Week In Gigs: Monday 31st May – Sunday 6th June

Posted on May 31, 2010


There is just too much great stuff going on this week, but I thought I’d better get this up. There’s the possibility of an update later, but we’ll see.

Tuesday 1st

Glasgow Slow Club feat. Acrylic Iqon + I See Shapes

Acoustic session in Bloc+ to get the week going. I’ve seen some videos of I See Shapes acoustic and they sound great + so too should Acrylic Iqon. Entry is free.


Launch night at The Arches Cafe Bar for Reverie’s debut long player Melodies. The album will be on sale on the night and it’s free entry.

Wednesday 2nd

Finn Lemarinel + Debutant + Glissando

I don’t know Glissando’s music well, but have heard nothing but great reports. Debutant and Finn Lemarinel have both featured on the blog recently and it’s probably quite apparent I’m a big fan of both.

Detour Presents: Song Of Return + There Will Be Fireworks + Meursault

Detour are filming a pilot for a TV show and have got one hell of a line up for it. Get your tickets while you still can. Meursault’s brilliant second album has just hit the shelves this week so there couldn’t be a better time to catch them, There Will Be Fireworks are always fantastic live, plus we have Union Of Knives new project Song Of Return making this an all-star cast.

Thursday 3rd

Blue Sky Archives + My Cousin I Bid You Farewell + Shambles Miller

An acoustic session organised by the fantastic Elba Sessions. Three great acts on the night and it’s free.

Friday 4th

Miaoux Miaoux + My Cousin I Bid You Farewell + Blue Sky Archives

A night organised by Radar (The Scotsman) which has quite the line up. For full details check here.

Make Sparks + LightGuides + Right Hand Left

Look out for a joint feature on Make Sparks and LightGuides in the coming weeks, to say I’m a fan of both would probably be an understatement. Right Hand Left make the trip down from Aberdeen and help make this a fantastic line up. It’s in Bloc+ which means its free, and you’d be silly not to.

Saturday 5th

Alternative Noise Showcase feat. Tango In The Attic + Smugglers Run + The Dependants + Neon Hero

I don’t know much about the other bands on the line up, but Tango In The Attic are definitely one to look out for and have recently been confirmed for Rock Ness. 5 bux for 4 bands is not too shabby, check the Maggie Mays website for details.

The Lava Experiments + Mammals + The Hundred Metre Club

Launch night for Blackbody Vol. III EP. The Lava Experiments are an expiremental, ambitious outfit and should be great live. Get your tickets for a bargain 3 bux by contacting the band in advance, or for 2 extra on the door. You can purchase the EP here.

Sunday 6th

Little Yellow Ukuleles + Pacific Theater + He Slept On 57 + Galleries

This is a great line up that is strong from top to bottom and a bargain at 4 bux.