Penguins Kill Polar Bears – Dawn EP

Posted on June 20, 2010


Penguins Kill Polar Bears debut release, the Dawn EP, showcases post-rock done the right way. It is epic in every sense and brings to the fore an extremely talented group of young musicians.

Opening track Homebound is an absolute beast, starting off with a light bit of delayed guitar before it kicks in and bombards you with an onslaught of sound. Throughout the EP this is what the band do best; the light-heavy dynamics work perfectly, building tracks to massive crescendos that will be sure to knock you back a few feet in appreciation.

Frontman Ben Proudlock’s vocals have a stirring character to them, conveying great emotion and purpose, and just the right amount of a Scottish twang. The lyrics are pretty dark in places, in particular during Sandcastles where he sings ‘we are finished, and I will bury you in sand, cause there’s no way, and there’s no today’, but they feel like a call to arms with the way they are projected and with such a musical backdrop come through as really uplifting.

There is a lot to love about this EP, but In Everything provided my favourite moment. The outro has a brilliant sequence where the drums step up and change the whole dynamics, giving great impetus to proceedings. It’s a small change, but amazingly effective and reflective of the band’s approach.

There is no set formula to the post rock on offer and that is greatly appealing. Too often can this genre be done by the numbers, but Penguins Kill Polar Bears manage to give these massive displays of light and day in very different ways. In contrast to the opening track is closer The Valley that burns away slowly before releasing the pressure and seeing off the EP in unforgettable style.

Check the band’s website for details of  where you can catch them live this week, if the EP is anything to go by then the live sound should be massive.


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