Let’s Buy Phil’s Guitar

Posted on July 2, 2010


If you’ve been on the blog before you will probably know I’m a big fan of Phil Quirie’s work and did an interview with him a short while ago.

Unfortunately Phil is facing the prospect of having to sell his Fender Jaguar which is is pretty much essential to what he does in Meursault and Debutant.

Friends of his have decided to not let this happen and have set up a website to raise money to buy the guitar. You can help out by visting http://letsbuyphilsguitar.wordpress.com/ and making a donation. The site also gives a more detailed explanation of the situation.

Just think of it as investing in the next Meursault or Debutant release for the price of  pint.

Also join the Facebook page and pass on the word to your friends.

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