So Many Animal Calls

Posted on July 10, 2010


It was pretty late last night when So Many Animal Calls posted three teaser tracks from their upcoming Your House Is A Hospice EP, and it is fair to say I had spent a lot of time with my good friend ‘beer’ that evening.

To say I was impressed is probably an understatement, but as this first encounter was of the drunken kind there was always the danger I had my beerphones in. Thankfully I’ve had So Many Animal Calls playing all day and they have definitely delivered a blinding debut.

There is instant gratification with this release and it provides a varied representation of the band’s skills. The first two tracks are delivered at a frenetic pace, bouncing pop, indie and slightly punk sensibilities around, which the fantastic We Sleep Back To Back delivers in abundance. The third and final track Secrets also shows the band can offer a more tempered and mellow type of tune and stamp their character all over it.

It is when they notch up the tempo and hit you with multi- directional barrages that has caught my attention though.  Opener The Smoke/…And All The Things On Fire (above) is quite simply outstanding. The guitar work is varied and punchy, with a killer jagged riff that powers it forward, while the drums and bass really go to town. You can hear singer Sean McKenna really going for it and this brings everything to life. There is a bit of a Sam Mctrusty sound to his voice, but the harmonies at the end really set it apart.

You can download the three tracks for free, and the band are debuting at the Captain’s Rest on Tuesday. Give them a shout for tickets.


Download the Your House Is A Hospice teaser

So Many Animal Calls website

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