Admiral Fallow @ King Tut’s

Posted on July 27, 2010


There was a sense of anticipation as Admiral Fallow took to the stage of a sold out King Tut’s. The band were not headliners, but despite a great line up it was pretty clear who the majority of folk had come to see.

Subbuteo set the tone for the night; a completely enchanting song, displaying the hooks and lyrical wonder of Admiral Fallow, while the flute and clarinet provided the distinction, before a pumped up finish.

We were then treated to two new songs in the form of The Way You Were Raised and Paper Trench, which kept up the incredibly high standard of this band and slipped seamlessly into the set list.

What followed this was something special indeed. The cheer that went up as the opening bars to Squealing Pigs rang out showed that this band has a lot of love. The spirited chorus was fired back by a crowd who were loving every moment and when prompted to dance during the defining clarinet solo they obliged and brought the party spirit to a new level. The place was in raptures as the now signature tune finished and this is the type of adoration not usually seen for unsigned ‘local’ bands.

The tempo was then brought down as a way to give us our last break of the night according to singer Louis Abbott. As the members moved away from their instruments and surrounded him like a choir the frontman displayed the character and wit that will draw fans to this band even more. It is rare to hear a crowd in this environment ever be
so quiet, but it was completely silent with Abbott having the masses in the palm of his hand. A quick and hilarious put down of a ‘tumbleweed’ type heckle was the only other sound before the band delivered Four Bulbs in a quite beautiful manner. The harmonising was spot on, and this wonderful tune served to highlight how special a gig this was as the crowd stood captivated until the silence was broken with a raucous roar of approval. It was one of those moments where the hair stands up on the back of your neck, and I found myself unable to control the massive smile on my face, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.

Before the gig Old Balloons would not be the track I would have chosen to close with, but it was an inspired selection, sounding full of life and having a massive kick to it with an extra bass drum. A fitting finish to an amazing gig.

It really felt like this was a band on the cusp of something massive, and everything from the delivery, the interaction between songs and the crowd response was akin to some of the biggest gigs I’ve been to. On this showing I’m sure it won’t be too long till I’m typing a similar review about Admiral fallow with the venue being the Barrowlands.

Thanks to Grave Maurice for the great photos.

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