Skies Fell @ The Arches

Posted on October 26, 2010


The night started off in The Arches Cafe Bar, where we were treated a mix of covers and Pareto tracks from their frontman, Kunal.

Call Me Alphabet translated particularly well to the stripped down format and  a bit of Jimmy Eats World went down a treat too.

Futuristic Retro Champions followed, playing one of their last gigs together. The charm of this band really came through with the semi-acoustic set up, and it was good to find out that the female trio involved will be continuing making tunes together. They’re really good fun, with bubblegum pop quirkiness, and alternating vocals aplenty.

Soon after the acoustic offerings had finished everyone was lined up and lead into the lower echelons of The Arches where we were met with a quite dazzling set up.

Backlights bouncing off the smoke in the air helped add to the anticipation as a raised stage awaited the arrival of Skies Fell for their Glasgow debut.

After a short wait two of the band took to the stage to a great reception and got things underway. The other two members soon arrived and kicked off a rousing intro that burst into the immense Contest.

The band showed great professionalism to walk through a microphone hiccup and few sound glitches and delivered an opening fitting for the surroundings.

Without pause they broke into second single Statues. It was a brave move to start with their first two singles, but one that was soon vilified. If this had been an already established band you would have thought this a greatest hits set, as there were no lulls, just quality tracks throughout.

The musicianship of this collective shone throughout the evening, with varied tech guitar playing, searching vocals and a display as tight as a tory budget. The sound improved as the night progressed too, and by the end was sounding bang on.

Skies Fell finished with Hurricane, a previous B – side release, and this song really came to life in a live environment; their frontman started on keys before pulling on the guitar for a massive finish, with the light display going crazy and their white tops splashed with designs from the projector.

As far as gigs go, nevermind debut gigs, Skies Fell’s Glasgow debut was extremely impressive. That’s how you introduce yourself.

If anyone has photos from the night please do drop me a line.

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