Recommended #5 The Wee Rogue by Wounded Knee

Posted on November 5, 2010


The Japanese War Effort answered the questions for Recommended #4 last Friday, so this week it’s the turn of Wounded Knee.

Who are you recommending? and why?

The Wee Rogue, aka Jamie Wallace O’Connor, because he’s ace.

How would you describe the music?

Like much of the best music it has a timelessness.  He has created a really singular sound which I admire all the more given that it’s just him and his guitar.  His songwriting has a wisdom and maturity that seems way beyond his tender youthful looks.  He must have some sort of deal wi’ the Deil going on.  The Scottish Robert Johnson or summat.  Rabbie Johnson.  The lad can play guitar too.  He’s a picker not a strummer.

How did you discover this artist?

We shared a bill together a few years ago in Edinburgh.  “Here we go…” I thought, “another singer songwriter”.  Then I was knocked out.  He played “Iolaire” that night which is based on true events.  He gave a wee explanation about it beforehand and after he’d finished I was in bits.  Quietly devastating song.

How would you describe the live experience?

I have seen Jamie play quite a bit and he can really command a room’s attention.  On the surface there’s a fragility to his songs, his voice, even his appearance up there alone with just his guitar.  But there’s a steely core to him.

If you had to suggest one of his songs to start someone off with what would it be?

“Cross My Heart” (below) is a really good introduction which contains all his attributes and is one of his most succinct songs.  Many of Jamie’s songs are quite long, quite episodic.  In a really good way though.  You want to spend time with them.

A big thanks to Wounded Knee for the recommendation.

Next Friday The Wee Rogue will be answering some questions on the artist he has chosen to recommend.

For more of The Wee Rogue pop over to his myspace.

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