Electropapknit Volume 1

Posted on December 9, 2010


Today sees the release of Electropapknit Volume 1, a FREE compilation album from the Glasgow based indie label that is loaded with some of the finest tunage out there.

There is a launch party this evening to celebrate at The Winchester Club (45-49 Bell Street, Glasgow), with entry only £4 to see Galoshins, Battery Face, Min Diesel and Public Spaces.

Don’t let the snow put you off – it’s disappearing anyway – the show is definitely on and should be a hefty one.

The compilation is a real mixed-bag genre wise, not concentrating on one area, and definitely not scared to venture off the beaten track.

It foreys into folk, electro, screamo and metal, with a common ground of experimental excellence making it a great listen.

This shouldn’t really work, but it does – and extremely well – and your player flicking from Deathpodal into Eagleowl doesn’t come as a surprise, it just seems like the way it should be.

The album features Eagleowl, Douglas Firs, Deathpodal, PVH, Noma, Wounded Knee, Detail, Eternal Fags, Citizens, Iliop, Vom, Conquering Animal Sound, Public Spaces, Battery Face, Foundling Wheel and Jesus H Foxx.

You can download the compilation directly below

You may have to do it song by song that way though, so I’d recommend visiting the Electropapknit website where you can grab it in an easier bundle.

Their Bandcamp link should be live soon too.

If you fancy a physical copy there is also a limited run of 50 hand screen printed CD’s, designed by Joe hearty of Copy Haho,  that will be available at the show.