Interview With Penguins Kill Polar Bears

Posted on December 9, 2010


Penguins Kill Polar Bears are one of the most exciting bands in Scotland right now. With the release of the Dawn EP earlier this year they signalled their intent to become as massive as their sound, and have set about it with conviction.

The Edinburgh four piece are a post rock beast that will blow you away live, and this has led to them sharing the stage with some of the most prestigious names in UK music so far this year.

February will see the release of EP #2, Vessels and Veins, and the sky’s the limit from there.

The band recently answered some questions for the blog, so have a listen to In Everything (below), while we see what they had to say.

You recently welcomed a new member into the band, would you care to introduce him?

Fraser came on board a couple of months ago, he was a free agent after Lions.Chase.Tigers split. He liked what we were doing, we needed a hand so it was perfect timing.

Could a penguin really kill a polar bear? is there a meaning behind the name?

I reckon if it was backed into a corner then yeah why not. You’d probably come away thinking “yeah, he just wanted it more”

Great support slots have been rolling in as of late, who’s been good to play with? what do you take from playing with these established touring bands?

Twilight Sad and British Sea Power we learned a lot from. Just how tight they were as a band and their professionalism. It’s almost like that saying ‘the only way to get better is by playing a better opponent’ they’ve given us something new to aim for. We played with Mimas and Union Sound Set a few weeks back too, they were all really nice guys. It’s always nice to play with bands who are willing to get a bit of banter and talk about music rather than just sulk around in their backstage dressing room waiting to go on.

You seem to have been gigging down south a fair bit recently, how is the band being received south of the border? and how does it compare to playing Scotland?

We honestly don’t believe they understand a word we say, but saying that, the people down south have been really welcoming, there’s always a few people come up after the show to say they enjoyed the set or to buy a CD. I don’t think there’s a lot of our style of music down there so maybe they think it’s something new or just a change from what they’re used to hearing.

PKPB stick out in the Edinburgh scene for me, being very different to almost anything coming out of the city. How do you find the capital as a musical base? What are your thoughts on the closure of several important venues recently, such as The Roxy and Forest Cafe?

Unfortunately we never got the chance to play either of them which is a shame – in fact Ben did a solo at The Forest during the festival, that was different! – But the city is getting better for music, venues wise anyway. It’s good to see the Liquid Rooms re-opening and Cab Vol is one of the best venues in the country. We also really really like Sneaky Pete’s and the people who make that special wee place tick. People need to stop thinking of it as playing catch up to Glasgow, just because there aren’t as many venues doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of good stuff going on. You maybe just need to look a little harder.

Have there been any particular highlights in your musical career so far?

Our first EP launch was a big night for us, it was good to finally get songs out there and it’s acted as a springboard ever since. This year playing with The Twilight Sad, The Xcerts, and British Sea Power was a highlight! We actually played a show for Oxjam the other week dressed up as Zombies which was a lot of fun. Strange to think of it as a highlight but it really was!

If you could steal a song from an act on the Scottish unsigned circuit and have it as your own, what song would you take?

Could we have Light Guides entire back catalogue? That or one of There Will Be Fireworks’ tracks. Their album was incredible!

If your music was to be the soundtrack to a film or TV programme which one do you think it would suit best?

I’d think we could do a good soundtrack for some Zombie horror epic. I’d love to say The Wire, but….. you know?

How do you plan to finish of the year? and then what can we expect from you in 2011?

We’ve still got an awesome gig playing with Shutter (since we spoke the band have played with And So I Watch You From Afar and British India), after that we’ll be shutting ourselves off in the igloo and writing some material. We’ll be releasing a second EP in February with a full UK tour, and other releases through the year including our debut album towards the end of 2011.

A big thanks to Penguins Kill Polar Bears for taking the time to answer some questions. Here’s how you can hear/see more of the band:

Penguins Kill Polar Bears website

December 11th – Electric Circus, Edinburgh w/ Shutter, 16+

January 12th – King Tut’s, Glasgow w/ Flood Of Red, 14+ as part of New Years Revolution

Buy Tickets for just £4

February – UK Tour to coincide with the release of theVessels and Veins EP

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