Songs Of the Year

Posted on December 26, 2010


It’s that time of year where everyone is making end of year lists; there will be a multitude of approaches and choices, with differing results, but always certain things shining through.

This is the first end of year list on Favourite Son, and has been a fucker to do, but only because there has been so much I’ve loved in the last 12 months and I kept changing my mind.

All of my end of year lists are going to be comprised of completely Scottish music, and though I know I’ll realise I’ve missed something afterwards on this particular one, here is my list of the top Scottish tracks of 2010.

Clearly more than notable mentions:

Admiral Fallow – Squeeling Pigs

Blue Sky Archives -Crash Your Face

Come On Gang! – Fortune favours The Brave

Errors – A Rumour In Africa

Esperi – Dialled

French Wives – Me vs Me

Meursault – One Day This’ll All Be Fields

Midnight Lion – I Will Be King

Mitchell Museum – Warning Bells

Penguins Kill Polar Bears – In Everything

Shutter – Pillars Of Creation

So Many Animal Calls- The Smoke … And All The Things On Fire

The Boy Who Trapped The Sun – Home

The Son(s) – Dogs, Boys and Men

The Winter Tradition – Firelight

Three Blind Wolves – Hotel

And, after much deliberation, my top ten:

10. The Unwinding Hours – Knut

9. Trapped In Kansas – Towerblock

8. Beerjacket – Island

7. Adam Stafford – Shot Down You Summer Wannabes

Tune won’t upload!!! download it for FREE here

6. Call Me Ishmael – I Am Stop, You Are Go

5. LightGuides – The Casting Call

4. RM Hubbert – Tipsy Tapsy

3. Endor – Chapel Doors

2. Zefs Chasing Cara – I Erkan Urkan

1. Skies Fell- Contest

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