King Tut’s New Years Revolution

Posted on December 30, 2010


After the massive success of last year’s Summer Nights event King Tut’s are going for it again with New Years Revolution.

Like it’s predecessor this series of gigs will see the famous Glasgow venue taken over by up and coming Scottish music, with 70 bands playing over 14 nights.

King Tut’s Summer Nights hosted some of the best gigs all year – something that will be reflected in my Gigs Of The Year list (if it ever appears) – and there are some great line up’s coming our way in this January extravaganza that will no doubt be in for early contention.

Before New Years Revolution starts you can download a compilation of the artists playing for FREE here, and it features some quality tracks, including one of my Songs Of The Year.

I won’t rehash the Summer Nights Preview (you can read it here if you want), and will point out that tickets are available from a ticket distributor should that be your preference. Buy Tickets.

I prefer to buy from the bands where possible as it is most often the cheapest method, but more importantly it allows the bands to make the most money they can from playing.

It is extremely hard to make a living (or break remotely even) from music these days, and this is an important way to support the artists.

If you plan on attending a lot of the New years Revolution events then your best plan is to buy a Golden Ticket  which will allow you entry to all the events, and is coming in at around £31.25 (inc. fees), which is amazing value. Buy a Golden Ticket

If you would prefer to buy individual tickets, then have a look below where you can find out who is playing, and where you can get cheap briefs.

Monday 3rd

Endor (contact the band here for £5 tickets) + Little Eskimos + Verse Metric (Buy Tickets for £6) + Iona Bain + Blochestra (In the Bar)

Great way to kick things off. It’s a mainly folk fuelled occasion with top-notch headliners Endor having released one of the albums of the year, Stirling’s Little Eskimos delivering folk with a kick and Iona Bain quite lovely on the ears. Verse Metrics will provide some dark indie on the back of a cracking debut EP.

Tuesday 4th

She’s Hit + Marco Polo + Suplex The Kid (Buy Tickets for £4) + Sing-Kill-Worth + Liam Cairns (In the Bar)

She’s Hit have a name that appeals to my sense of humour as much as the dirty garage punk they play appeals to my ears. Excellent stuff. A well crafted line up with Marco Polo having that Interpol feel, and Suplex The Kid and Sing-Kill-Worth providing some banging alt.

Wednesday 5th

The River 68’s + The Scruffs  (email for £6 tickets) + The Amorettes + The Scimitars + Quiz (In the Bar)

Four bands I’m unfamiliar with, but if claims that guitar bands are going to be back in 2011 are true then The River 68’s are a good shout. Proper rock n roll on offer here.

Thursday 6th

French Wives (Buy Tickets for £6) + Cancel The Astronauts + Galleries (Buy Tickets for £4) + Poor Things + Eoghan Colgan (In the Bar)

French Wives headline set at Summer Nights was outstanding and I’d expect the same again from one of our finest folk acts. It’s a quality mix of support with electronic indie from Cancel the Astronauts and Galleries that is cut from a very different cloth, but both fantastic, whilst Poor Things are fairly new to me

Friday 7th

Bwani Junction + GoGoBot + Crayons + The Black Rats (contact the band here for £6 tickets) + Brian Cattigan (In the Bar)

Quite a mixed bag here, but in a good way. Bwani Junction are one of those bands that are hard to pigeon-hole; indie, funk and a myriad of background influences make this a brilliant up and coming band. It’s a line up I’m very keen to see with the synth stomp of Gogobots, jangly indie of Crayons and alt-rock of The Black rats.

Saturday 8th

Dead Sea Souls (email for £5 tickets/£6 with delivery) + Boycotts + The Side + The Mix Ups + Vigo Theives (In the Bar)

The place should be jumping for this as DSS are a fueled live band, that will get you bouncing. Boycotts are quality indie outfit, with an unmistakable front woman, and the addition of the Highlands finest in The Side is very welcome.

Sunday 9th

Skies Fell (Buy Tickets for £6 + get free tracks) + Toy Fires (contact the band here for £6 tickets) + Jack The Wolf + Fires Attract + Lions (In the Bar) + Constellations (In the Bar)

If the debut Skies Fell gig (review here) is anything to go by then this is a must attend night. They also had my Song of the Year, Contest, which they’ll give you for free if you buy tickets from them.

Support from the night should be banging with Toy Fires and Fires Attract firing out some anthemic rock, and Jack The Wolf being a band I’m looking forward to catching.

Monday 10th (Over 14’s)

Young Aviators + LightGuides + The Gap Year Riot + Pareto (Buy tickets for £6) + The Winter Tradition (In the Bar)

A top quality night of alt music all the way through the bill. Headliners Young Aviators are a band to check out, with hook filled frenetic laudings. LightGuides headline set at Summer Nights was outstanding and they are heading for big things. The Gap Year Riot do college rock better than the Americans and Pareto released a great EP last year with a rousing take on alt-indie. Make sure you hit the bar for The Winter Tradition, you wont be disappointed.

Tuesday 11th

Park Circus + Fiction Faction (Contact here for cheap tickets) + Michael MacLennan + Dante + Ysuf Azak (In the Bar)

Quite possibly the best looking band ever, Park Circus, headline the night and will be a must see for pop fans. Fiction Faction are a favourite of mine and their 80’s fuelled electro indie is impressive and varied. Things have an acoustic line elsewhere with traditional folk in a modern stance from Dante, and solo artist Michael MacLennan. Make sure you get down early for the fantastic Yusuf Azak in the bar.

Wednesday 12th (Over 14’s)

Flood of Red + .Scores + Penguins Kill Polar Bears (Buy Tickets for £4) for + Carnivores (Buy Tickets for £4 until January 1st + then £6) + Quiz (In the Bar)

This is going to be a mighty night. Flood Of Red are grabbing some major attention now and are a banging live act. Penguins Kill Polar Bears are the type of band I’d be scared to play along side, as they really are quite phenomenal live, plus have a bunch of new tracks to air. Luckily the company on the bill is hefty, with .Scores and Carnivores top quality acts that are likely to blow you away also.

Thursday 13th

Washington Irving (Buy Tickets for £6) + Open Swimmer + White Heath + Blue Sky Archives (Buy Tickets for £6) + This Silent Forest (In the Bar)

Another loaded line up. Washington Irving are for me the finest folk act we have right now, whilst Open Swimmer have been releasing some major folk moments. White Heath take a soaring approach to folk that is quite brilliant, while Blue Sky Archives are destined for a massive 2011, with an unforgettable post-rock-pop approach.

Friday 14th

Tango In The Attic + The Regiment (Contact the band here for £6 tickets) + Pose Victorious + Dave? + The Imagineers (In the Bar)

Tango In The Attic have been gathering pace all year and it’s easy to see why with their brilliant output of garage-surf-punk. The rest of the bill is pretty new to me, but after a listen I’d say get down early and check them out.

Saturday 15th

Strawberry Ocean Sea + The Vespas + The Twist + JumpersKnee + Selective Service (In the Bar)

Strawberry Ocean Sea were a band I hadn’t heard till pretty recently, but are well worth checking out. There are a few bands I don’t know much about here, but I’ve been listening to JumpersKnee for a while and they have a cracking take on Madchester fuelled electro indie.

Sunday 16th

Kobi Onyame + Stanley Odd + The Crossover + Patricia Panther + Fly Boyz Generalz (In the Bar)

Hip-hop meets electronica to close things with style. Kobi Onyame and Stanley Odd are acts I was introduced to earlier in the year and are both making major waves, and rightfully so. The whole bill seems strong and both The Crossover and Patricia Panther sound quality.

A few final things.

During the happenings you can beat the impending VAT rise by getting main courses and selected drinks with VAT frozen. This should make it easier to get out to several nights.

The first band on the line up is the headliner. If things run like Summer Nights then the other three are not necessarily in that order. I’d say get there in time for the whole line up as I found some gems in July, and you don’t want to be disappointed by missing your favourite band.

Make sure you check out the King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut Website for great stuff all year round.

Also, if any other bands playing are selling tickets and would like a link added then feel free to get in touch.