Goodnight and Goodbye

Posted on January 7, 2011


Before I put out my Tips for 2011 list I thought I’d mention some of the bands I’ll miss hearing from in 2011.

I’ll no doubt have missed out a load of great bands that called it quits in 2010, but feel free to fill in the blanks.

It’s a big shame to see these bands go, but hopefully a trend for comeback gigs has been started.

Be A Familiar

Purveyors of massive indie-pop joy who blew me away with a cracking live show earlier in the year (review here). I unfortunately missed their final show, which was also the launch for their debut album, To The Lighthouse, which is still available at LoveMusic (Avalanche) and iTunes.

Come On Gang!

The angular indie trio recently anounced that they would be splitting up, but we thankfully havn’t seen the last of them quite yet; details of a massive send off album launch gig can be found here. They had one of my Songs of the Year, and played one of my favourite gigs of the year at AvP3, which you can read about here.


Phil Querie anounced that Debutant was over a short while after the Let’s Buy Phil’s Guitar campaign. Luckily you can still catch him playing in Meursault, but there will be no more loop pedal brilliance, though that debut album may one day surface.

I See Shapes

Anounced they were splitting in December due to one of their members moving away, which is a shame as they had a new EP in the bag. Good news is the EP is up on Facebook now and should be available as a FREE download soon, meaning we all get a wee going away present from this quality Indie outfit.

Jocasta Sleeps

They actually split in 2009, but had a comeback show in December which I had to leave before they played to get the last train. Jocasta were definitely one of the best bands around, and there are a lot of folk who would like to see a permanent comeback. If that doesn’t happen you can get all their tunes for FREE here, and catch members playing in Kitty The Lion, The LaFontaines and Audio Model these days.


Anounced their split on the same day Debutant, er, split, which happened to be Friday 13th if I remember correctly. Spooky. The debut album was a cracking piece of work, which you can still get for FREE on their website. Their final show at the ABC2 was a really good night, and made it even more of a pity they were calling it quits.

** Just heard from the horses mouth (well, Phil typed it) that Debutant is back on the go! Excellent stuff. Any others fancy reconsidering? **

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