Recommended #9 Panda Su by Jonnie Common

Posted on February 4, 2011


Small Town Boredom answered the questions for Recommended #8 so now it is the turn of Jonnie Common.

Who are you recommending? and why?

I’m going to recommend my pal Panda Su because I flipped a coin between her & Iona Marshall. (Sorry Iona. Tails never fails? Bollocks.)

How would you describe the music?

Su writes wry pop songs of a tactile acoustic-y nature. They’ve got a good amount of emotional weight but there’s a lot of dry witted playfulness running through the tracks. So they don’t bring you down. They warm you up instead. I don’t think she’s done this 100% on purpose as her ‘angle’. It’s just how she is. That’s what makes the whole thing a genuine identity.

How did you discover this artist?

I met Su & Adam (the unnamed but indispensible other half of the act) when I played at T in the Park 2007. I consider that gig one of my all-time worst experiences but they maintain it was the best thing they saw all weekend. Whether they are telling the truth or not, I cling to this a little. About a year later, Su got in touch to do some recording. She hadn’t been writing/recording long and I found her energy & enthusiasm for all aspects of ‘doing music’ wholly rejuvenating. That was 2008 and she’s accomplished a lot since. Building a fanbase, working with Steve Mason, decent gigs, tv/radio play etc. The pair of them have done an amazing job thus far.

How would you describe the live experience?

Su plays an acoustic guitar and sings while Adam takes care of well-gauged embellishments such as glockenspiel/keyboards/floor tom/woodblocks aka WOODBLOCKS! Chris Lee-Marr (ESPERI) often guests on drums/percussion/handbells and, for some festival slots she had in the summer, I joined in on synths/banjo/sunburn.

I mentioned the dry wit in the songs. Live, the delivery is pleasingly deadpan and atmospheric.

If you had to suggest one of her songs to start someone off with what would it be?

Her new EP is out in April, but til then…

…the half girl / half fish / all pop Eric Is Dead (below).

A big thanks to Jonnie Common for the Recommendation.

Panda Su is due to release the I Begin EP on April 18th, and is on tour from next week. Get info on this and much more at her website.

Photo by Portis Wasp

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