Penguins Kill Polar Bears – Vessels and Veins EP

Posted on March 12, 2011


Last year’s Dawn EP saw Penguins Kill Polar Bears emerge as one of the most promising bands we have, so I was highly anticipating what they would do next.

PKPB are a frightening live band and they have managed to transfer this to the studio, producing an EP that simmers with brooding intensity, and bursts into life with such conviction it’s a surprise there is no mushroom cloud to accompany it.

Vessels and Veins brings a more textured and expanded dynamic to the table – you know each track is going to reach that peak, but the assent is just as thrilling as the view from the top.

Case in point is the slow burning closer Something Old, which proves the band don’t need to blow up amps to produce a massive moment, and is effortless in its vastness.

Opening track Lungs (below) shows the band in full swing, and is the pinnacle of an outstanding release. It has a dark and hard-hitting presence, and is relentlessly fierce as it lets loose.

We’ve all heard the comparisons attributed to Penguins Kill Polar Bears, but with Vessels and Veins they have shown that it shouldn’t be long till they are the reference point for others.

Vessels and Veins is available to buy from iTunes, Avalanche Records Edinburgh or from the Penguins Kill Polar Bears Website.

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