Recommended #12 Your Neighbour The Liar by Penguins Kill Polar bears

Posted on March 25, 2011


I Build Collapsible Mountains answered the questions for Recommended #11 meaning it’s now Penguins Kill Polar Bears turn.

Who are you recommending? and why?

We’re recommending Your Neighbour The Liar a band from Edinburgh and good friends of ours. We all absolutely love these boys and has been great to watch them right from the start evolve into such a tight, energetic and musically brilliant band.

How would you describe the music?

Think American football with buckets of passion behind the lyrics they whisper and shout. They aren’t afraid to explode with energy and angst at any given point in a song. Their live shows are brilliantly intense and energetic but they retain an unprecedented tightness.

How did you discover this band?

Gav has played music with Andy and Kyle in a previous band so we got to know them before they formed the band and we’ve played together and go to see them when we can.

How would you describe the live experience?

Seeing YNTL live is a pretty intense experience. They play with a lot of emotion and put loads of energy into their live show. We played a show in David Tan’s (bassist) bedroom with them once. It was one crazy experience!

If you had to suggest one of their songs to start someone off with what would it be?

Birthday (below) is definitely a good starting point because it just embodies everything the band is about, clever and inspiring lyrics over the top of the free flowing melody and boils over into an intense shouting match between all members of YNTL. Not to mention pioneers of clapping!

A big thanks to Penguins Kill Polar Bears for the recommendation.

Get more info and a host of FREE tracks by visiting the Your Neighbour The Liar website.

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