Shooting Stansfield – Endeavour EP

Posted on April 1, 2011


Edinburgh outfit Shooting Stansfield release the Endeavour EP on April 5th, and should take a massive jump into the consciousness of Scottish music fans.

Opening track Cameras and Lights (below) introduces the bouncy tempo that the majority of the EP purveys. It’s accompanied by guitar work that never tries to be too flashy, but is excellently effective, and brings everything to life.

I don’t really buy into the theory that the sign of a good song is how it sounds stripped down, but Shooting Stansfield certainly give this some premise. The EP’s title track is an acoustic affair (for the most part) and is one of those songs that is delivered softly as it hits hard in every other way.

Endeavour is also probably the best example of the genuine sincerity behind the vocals; throughout the EP the lyrics touch on matters of the heart, but never enter soppy territory due to the delivery and fine musical backdrop.

The EP was a slow burner on me,¬† and I’m not sure why as¬† it’s a free-flowing display of pure songwriting, littered with tracks that stick in your head, like the fantastic¬†Cards, and should grab listeners immediately.

Shooting Stansfield are having a launch night for the EP at Maggie’s Chambers (Edinburgh) on April 5th. Full details will be in the listings on Sunday.


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