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Posted on April 6, 2011


St Deluxe are gearing up for the release of their new EP through Dream Machine Records on April 16th. The EP will only be available on a limited edition 10″ vinyl to coincide with Record Store Day, so you better get in there fast.

Martin Kirwan from the band recently took some time to chat to the blog about a musical resurgence, the new release, a very special gig the band played in memory of Chilton, and a host of other things.

The blog has also got an advanced preview of the excellent After The Fire (below) from the EP, so have a listen while you see what was said.

If you had to introduce folk to the band in one tweet (140 characters or less), what would you say?

St Deluxe – Glaswegian Fuzzpopers!

You all played together in previous projects, how did this lead to St Deluxe?

Jamie and myself have known each other for years and had played in bands for years. Jamie had started playing with Francis McDonald in his solo project called “Nice Man and the Bad Boys”. He met Brian and Stuart (our old drummer – our new one is Ross Cameron, Jamie’s bro) through playing in that band. Jamie and myself were looking to start a new thing ‘St Deluxe’ and it made a whole load of sense to ask those two.

Garage/grunge music is having a resurgence right now, you must be enjoying this? How does it feel to be at the forefront of it in Scotland?

It’s great to hear bands like Yuck and Crocodiles playing stuff that in some way sounds like what we do, but I think it’s kinda strange that people try to lump bands together to try and create a ‘scene’ or whatever. I suppose it’s good for people to hear new bands and music when searching for stuff on the web or whatever. As far as being on the forefront of any kinda movement I’m not sure I’d be comfortable saying that we’re at the forefront of anything. That’s really for other people to decide.

I’m really looking forward to playing with bands like PAWS and Bronto Skylift again as they’re both great bands but I think there’s still a pretty big difference between all three bands as well as having some crossovers.

Your new EP is released on Record Store Day, why this day? and what do you have planned for its release?

We’re all pretty big record collectors and I think it’s important to support your local Record shop as they’re such a great hub for fans and bands alike. Not just having that network of independent shops that if you’re putting out a single you can email them and end up getting distro throughout UK. It’s also really important having a place that you can go into ask about stuff that’s coming out, even check message boards for starting up bands and meeting like-minded people to start creating stuff for yourself. That should be what Record Store Day is about, but I think on another level it has kinda morphed into this whole other thing.

For the release we’re doing a launch in London in a venue in Brixton called the Windmill on the 16th of April which will have a pop-up record shop in the venue itself! So people can watch the bands and look thru and buy some lovely vinyl! It’s an all dayer with bands starting around midday and going on till around 2am. Then we’re legging it up to Manchester on Sunday 17th April playing another gig. Also on the bill for that one is a great band called Butchers from Manchester so that’ll be a goodie too!

Then the Glasgow launch on the 23rd at Tut’s with Bronto and PAWS which I’m sure is gonna be a great gig.

The single features songs from your upcoming album, when can we expect that? Who have you been working with to make the album?

I think the album will be a wee bit later in the year. We’re in the studio at the moment recording up at the all new Riverside Studios in Busby, which is just amazing. The new place has a massive live room and it’s great to get everybody playing at the same time and capturing the moment. We’ve been helped out by Gordon Keen who used to play guitar from Eugenius and the BMX Bandits amongst other things! He’s been great to work with and has a great ear and totally understands where we come from musically. So with him and Duncan Cameron behind the desk we’re in good hands. I think this album will be a real progression in both sound and song writing, I’m looking forward to getting it finished and seeing what we can do with it!

You played SXSW last year, how was the experience? and how do you feel this has influenced /effected the band?

SXSW is an amazing experience, it’s so full on and the atmosphere is way too cool. It seems that everybody is just so open and you can speak anyone and they interested in 2 things. Music and having a good time! We played a few gigs out there but there was a lot of hard work to be done apart from playing. We spent loads of time meeting with people and trying to promote the gigs we were doing and basically just speaking to people about the band, which is always good fun anyway.

Have there been any particular highlights in your musical career so far?

We’ve played some great gigs and SXSW was probably one of the best. It was in one of the oldest venues in Austin called Antone’s. I was checking out some posters from gigs in the past in there from people like Muddy Waters and Willie Nelson so it was a great place to play. We were all really looking forward to opening for Alex Chilton from Big Star, which had the original drummer from Big Star (Jody Stephens) and Ken Stringfellow and Jon Paul Auer from the Posies. Tragically, Alex Chilton died a few days before the gig very suddenly which was such a massive loss for all fans and music in general. The gig still went ahead and was one of the most emotionally charged atmospheres I’ve ever experienced. There ended up being loads of guests coming up and singing songs from Alex’s past, people like Evan Dando, Mike Mills and M Ward. It was an unbelievable gig to go to never mind play at.

If you could steal a song from an act on the Scottish unsigned circuit and have it as your own, what song would you take?

Maybe PAWS – Kim Deal. I’ve never thought about writing a song about one of my musical heroes never mind making that person’s name the sole lyric for the song. It’s a total belter and just shows that they’re really enjoying themselves and making the music that they want to hear!

If your music was to be the soundtrack to a film or TV programme which one do you think it would suit best?

I’d like to get a track on Sportscene as that music really does my head in! Depends who would end up winning though.

A random question from Pop Goes The Revolution: If you could be any superhero who would it be and why?

Spiderman, because he can do anything a Spider can, and I like his suit… and MJ…

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Band shot by Brian Sweeney

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