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Posted on April 12, 2011


Fife based singer-songwriter Panda Su is gearing up for the release of her second EP, I Begin.

The EP was recorded over the winter months with Robin Sutherland, and will be available to purchase on April 18th from Amazon and a host of other outlets.

There is much anticipation for the follow-up to last year’s Sticks and Bricks EP, and the lady behind the face paint, Su Shaw, recently answered some questions for the blog.

If you had to introduce folk to Panda Su in one tweet (140 characters or less), what would you say?

Alternative folk pop / bear rock

Where did the Panda Su moniker come from? and how did the face painting start?

Panda’s are very solitary creatures and I’m a very private person. Initially, I was looking for a way to set myself apart from other female singer/songwriters releasing music at the time and the panda’s black and white image was the perfect fit.

The I Begin EP is out on April 18th, what do you have planned for the release?

We’ve just finished a ‘preview’ tour for the EP, but the official launch is at Drouthy’s in Dundee on 21st April.

Last year your song Eric Is Dead was played on the season finale of Skins, what has been the effect of this?

The best thing about getting played on a show like Skins is that they really make an effort to push the music that they play. It gave my music a platform to be heard all over the world and the impact has been incredible. The YouTube video has now been viewed over 40,000 times and there’s cover versions cropping up all over the place, from Chile to Sweden. It’s all very strange, but very humbling.

Can you tell us a bit about the great supporting cast that join you live and to record sometimes?

I Begin is much more experimental and as a result I’ve been trying to experiment with the live-set up too. As well as Ad, who provides percussion, glock and keys, we were joined by Andrew for some of our recent gigs, who was also an integral part of the EP. I think a simplistic approach is best and I also think it’s important that the live sound is different to the one you hear on record.

Have there been any particular highlights in your musical career so far?

Hearing my music on Skins has definitely been one of them, along with getting the chance to work with people like Steve and Robin. Getting to travel to places I’ve never been before and play my music is definitely my favourite part though.

What are your plans for the summer and beyond?

Summer will be mostly spent playing sun-kissed festivals up and down the country, and then we’ll be piling back into the panda bus to finish off the year with another UK tour. I’ll be writing some songs along the way and paying our European counterparts a visit too.

If you could steal a song from an act on the Scottish unsigned circuit and have it as your own, what song would you take?

Thurso by Over The Wall. I spent a lot of time in Thurso as a child because my father used to be a coastguard up there. The video for this song is brilliant and reminds me of my childhood. Crayons and projectors at the ready.

If your music could soundtrack any film or TV show, which would you choose?

Diagnosis Murder. Simply because, I love Dick Van Dyke.

And finally, random question from St Deluxe: Do you believe in the Big Bang Theory?

Yes. It all had to start somewhere, right?

Panda Su Website

Live Dates:

April 21st – Drouthy Neighbours (Dundee) – Details

July 9th – Small Nations Festival (Cilycwm) – Details

Photos by Portis Wasp

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