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Posted on April 14, 2011


The Son(s) are still somewhat the mystery, keeping anonymous and letting the music do the talking, which I find refreshing in today’s climate where bands become successful for just about anything but their musical output.

It’s not just The Son(s) approach to publicity that varies; the music is very different to the norm for acoustic-based acts in Scotland, with a centre point in americana, and a layering of instruments that produce a wonderful rich tapestry of sound.

From the outstanding opening track, Dogs, Boys and Men, the vocals signal this as something special, somehow managing to feel grizzled, yet silky smooth at the same time, and coming coated in plush harmonies.

Often when listening to the record I’ve found my self drifting off, but in a good way. There is a haunting quality throughout that gives much of the record a dreamy resonance, allowing the layering to wash over you, and a certain calm to descend.

It’s easy to get lost in stunning tracks like You Belong To No One (above) and There Is A Hole In The Middle Of The Sea, and the 38 minute duration of the album feels like a surprise after every listen.

While the background facts may be unknown, The Son(s) certainly will not be, as this self-titled debut is a rare piece of beauty that deserves a place in everyone’s record collection.

Who knows, we may even see such iconic status as afforded to another man of mystery, Top Gear’s The Stig, and start seeing people at gigs with ‘I am The Son(s)’ t shirts on.

The Son(s) self-titled debut album is available through Olive Grove Records now.

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