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Posted on April 26, 2011


This is a bit of a first for the blog – an interview with a non-Scottish band. This departure from the norm is well worth it though, as the band in question is Polarsets.

It’s a busy time for the band with a new single out now, and a hectic tour schedule for April and May.

The band is hitting Scotland this week as part of the tour, and recently took some time answering some questions for the site.

If you had to introduce folk to Polarsets in one tweet (140 characters or less), what would you say?

Latin infused Balearic indie trance. Lot’s of sunshine and passion.

Your new single is out now, and is great, what can you tell us about it?

It’s called Sunshine Eyes and it’s a feel good hit for the summer.  Enjoy it in the sunshine and don’t take it too seriously.   It will cheer you up.

You are hitting Scotland on tour, how do you find playing in Scotland?

We love playing in Scotland.  We’ve played at Edinburgh University a few times now and the crowds are always a little wilder than south of the border.  We’re all from Whitley Bay so we always feel like we’ve got much more in common with Scots than Southerners.  We’re in Aberdeen on the day of the royal wedding, glad to be as far away from it as possible!

Polarsets are from Newcastle, what is the music scene like in the city? any recommendations?

Really strong at the moment.  A north-east takeover could be on the cards.  Highly recommend: Pilots, Tomahawks For Targets, Grandfather Birds, Mammal Club, Let’s Buy Happiness, Vinyl Jacket, Mausi, Athletes In Paris, SS Arcadia.

Polarsets are playing a great showcase at The Great Escape Festival, you guys must be excited for that?

Yeah, it will be our first time at the Great Escape and Friendly Fires are headlining.  They’re a big influence of ours and we’ve never seen them live.  We’re doing three gigs in two days at the festival and then off up to Carlisle  straight after for the Big Weekend.  It’s going to be emotional.

Have there been any particular highlights in your musical career so far?

We played at the Wickerman Festival last year and camped for the full weekend with about 15 mates.  That was totally immense.  Mickey met the lead singer of the Charlatans and asked him why he was there.  Dafty. 

What are your plans for summer and beyond?

Festivals, recording, rehearsing.  Either working hard or hardly working. 

If you could choose a song by a Scottish artist to have as your own, which would you choose?

Whole Of The Moon by The Waterboys.  Because it brings tears to your eyes 😉

If your music could be a soundtrack to a film or TV show, which would you choose?

Not sure really.  Maybe The Beach with Leonardo Di Caprio… That already has a mint soundtrack though.

And finally, a random question from Panda Su: Starting with your favourite please arrange these types of bear in order accordingly: Grizzly Bear, Dani Behr, Panda Bear, Teddy Sheringham, Care Bears.

Panda Bear, Dani Behr, Grizzly Bear, Care Bears, Teddy Sheringham.

Polarsets Website

Buy Sunshine Eyes

Live Dates:

April 27th – Electric Circus (Edinburgh)

April 28th – King Tut’s (Glasgow)

April 29th – Drummonds (Aberdeen)

For details and tickets for all upcoming Polarsets shows, check the band’s website.

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