The Seventeenth Century Interview

Posted on May 25, 2011


Glasgow five-piece The Seventeenth Century have long been one of our best folk acts, and a particular live favourite of this blog.

The band recently released their second EP through Electra French Records; Part II follows on from the January debut EP and sees the live splendour transfer to record with ease.

Banks Of Home (below) is the opening track from The Seventeenth Century (Part II), so enjoy listening while we see what Andy from the band had to say when recently answering some questions.

If you had to introduce folk to The Seventeenth Century in one tweet (140 characters or less), what would you say?

Contemporary folk music with classical and post rock influences.

You’ve just released your second EP, what can you tell folk about it? Can we expect a part III?

A collection of newer songs. There may or may not be a part three. We are currently writing towards our full length debut album so if there was to be a part three it would likely be after that.

You are renowned as a fantastic live band, how important to you is the live aspect of what you do?

It is very important to us. I think it’s important to involve and engage the audience with your music. We like to give our all on stage and put on an energetic show.

You’ve just been announced as one of the headline acts for King Tut’s Summer Nights, you must be looking forward to that?

Yeah of course. We were lucky enough to play last year and had an amazing night so it was great to be asked back.

The T Break line up has just been revealed. What do you feel you gained from playing last year? Any thoughts on this years line up and some of the usual furore that accompanies the announcement?

I think the most important thing we gained from T Break last year was more recognition. Glad to see United Fruit were chosen to play this year, they’re a fantastic live band and just write really good songs. Grant from Carnivores is also a lecturer at Reid Kerr College where most of the band studied so we were very happy to see them get a slot. The furore is understandable as everyone has their own opinions on who should represent the unsigned artists at the festival. I think people should be more concerned with congratulating the bands who have made it.

Have there been any particular highlights in your musical career so far?

Touring Holland in March was a great experience. We were getting fed 3 course meals at every gig and played to enthusiastic and friendly audiences. Playing at T in The Park was a highlight also as it was something that we had all dreamed of doing.

If your music could be the soundtrack to any film or TV show, which would you choose?

If our music could be used on any film it would have to be Willow – it’s Mark’s all time favourite film. Failing that, it would be pretty good to do a folk twist of the Terminator theme tune. Mike also plays a sweet version of the Jurassic Park theme on his cornet as well.

What are the plans for the summer and beyond?

Recording our debut album is currently taking up most of our time. We have started demoing songs and plan to experiment with structure and techniques.

If you could steal a song from an act on the Scottish unsigned circuit and have it as your own, which song would you take?

Tenterhooks by The Starlets is a great song by a criminally under-rated Glasgow band. This song has immense melodies and is really well arranged. Mike helps the band out at live shows and this is his favourite song.

And finally, random question from Polarsets: Place these cars in order,  Volvo 240, BMW 3 series, Vauxhall Zafira, Nissan Note, Skoda Octavia.

1.Volvo 240, 2.BMW 3 series, 3.Skoda Octavia, 4.Vauxhall Zafira, 5.Nissan Note. Unfortunately none of us know anything about cars so this was answered by pulling numbers out of a hat.


The Seventeenth Century Website

Electra French Online Store

Live Dates:

July 26th – King Tut’s – Summer Nights w/ Endor + Crow Road + Liam Cairns

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