Dead Boy Robotics + The Machine Room Interview

Posted on June 1, 2011


Tape Singles Club was started as a means for the folk at Edinburgh’s Tape Studio to help promote some of the fantastic talent they have been working with.

Tape Singles Club #1 sees two of Edinburgh’s finest bands, Dead Boy Robotics and The Machine Room, release a split single as a limited edition vinyl and download, and it is available now.

Both bands can be covered by the blanket term of electro music, but the way they approach the genre differs greatly, as can be seen by the two tracks being released.

Dead Boy Robotics offer Ever, a dark and brooding track, with a menacing bass line and cutting synths, that kick in relentlessly as it goes on. The vocals reign wonderfully over proceedings, producing a powerful presence that washes over the song.

In contrast the vocals on The Machine Room’s track, Girly, display a fragility that blends perfectly with the summer vibe. The verse conjures images of The Postal Service, before it launches into a hook filled, pop-inspired chorus, all the while coated in plush layers of synths.

The night and day of the split release works really well for me, and it’s a pity I didn’t get to catch the bands on tour together last week.

You can have a listen to both tracks below while you see what both bands had to say when I caught up with them recently:

How does it feel to be the first bands to be released for the Tape Singles Club?

Dead Boy Robotics: We feel very privileged to be part of the first Tape Singles Club and to work with the wonderful people at Tape. We’re very flattered to know they like our music enough to release it.

The Machine Room: It feels good, like it’s the start of something special. The guys at Tape have good working ethos and are genuine people so that was the real pull. Also there’s some other great bands that Tape are working with so it’ll be interesting to see who the next pair are…

What were your thoughts on hearing who you would be sharing the release with?

TMR: I was happy to do it. I’d liked what I’d hear from Dead Boy Robotics. They do their thing and we do ours. Obviously each band will appeal to different people, which is fine. It’s good to release this way for more exposure I think.  

DBR: When we were in Tape making our album, Stephen (Tape engineer, producer) would play us some of the bands he’d been working with. So we’d heard The Machine Room well before Tape Singles Club was even an idea.  We really liked The Machine Room first time we heard them so obviously we were chuffed to be releasing a split single with them.

You’ve just returned from a quick tour around Scotland, how was your time on the road? How are the other band to tour with?

DBR: The time on the road was great. Neither band had properly been on tour so it was pretty exciting for everyone. Everyone pulled their weight lugging gear into venues and setting up for sound check, there was no big egos to deal with or anything like that. The Machine Room are all lovely guys who are great to be around. Would definitely tour with them again.

TMR: The tour was super and the shows went down well. It’s both fun and challenging trying to win people over who haven’t really heard the music before.

Dead Boy Robotics are a laugh and maintained a good level of hygiene, which is important as there were about 10 of us in the one van. Could have got pretty smelly.

If you could have a track from the other as your own which would it be?

TMR: Tale of the Winter kids, gave me shivers every time I heard it live.  

DBR: They have this song called Picking Holes which blew me away every time they played it on tour. In the chorus John holds this incredible note with his voice whilst a catchy little delayed guitar riff is picked out. I was grinning like an idiot whenever I heard it. The whole song has such a great atmosphere.

What are your plans for the summer and beyond?

DBR: The next thing we have on the cards is a project with and Edinburgh Film Festival. Ourselves and nine other bands have each provided a song for budding film makers to create videos for the EIFF competition. Each band then plays their song live along to a big projection of the winning video.

We don’t have any other gigs on the cards at the moment but I think the next logical step for us is to sit down with our manager and get a game plan together for releasing our album.

TMR: Recording an EP at Tape Studio, releasing it, then starting the album.  

And finally, a random question: If Dead Boy Robotics and The Machine Room were to have a dance off, who would win? and what moves would you achieve victory with?

TMR: I’d probably get a ladle and stir up some hot grooves and unleash them on the opponents. Anyway we’d win because they’re five of us so that means more shapes. Thanks.  

DBR: Dead Boy Robotics would win with the following moves: Moonwalk, Pop’n Loc and The Truffle Shuffle. Cheerz.


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