Recommended #17 Tangles by Fur Hood

Posted on June 4, 2011


Battery Face answered some questions for Recommended #16 last week, meaning it’s now the turn of  Fur Hood.

Who are you recommending? and why?

I’m gonna recommend Tangles.

How would you describe the music?

It’s woozy, far out, and melodic in all the right ways.

How did you discover this band/artist?

I think the first time we properly met was at a gig we played together in autumn.

How would you describe the live experience?

Well, the recordings are a one man effort by Ricky. Id highly recommend the live set as a full band, and Ricky alone. What can I say? As a full band its fuller – poptastic versions of his homemade noodles! I’d have to guide you here to do it justice:

If you had to suggest one of their songs to start someone off with what would it be?

Know More.

A big thanks to Fur Hood for the recommendation.

The best way to find out more about Tangles is to visit the Tumblr site.

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