Recommended #18 Sad City by Tangles

Posted on July 29, 2011


It’s been quite a while since Recommended #17, but hopefully it will be back running weekly now.

Fur Hood did the recommending last time, meaning it’s now the turn of Tangles.

Who are you recommending? and why?

I will recommend Sad City, who is my friend Gary, the most dashing Irishman in Glasgow at the moment.

How would you describe the music?

Contrary to what the name suggests, it sounds like a good time!  Like you’re with friends and everyone is clammering over Spotify wanting to play all their favourite songs, and instead of it pissing you off it all moulds into one big fun time.

Imagine if Max from Flight of the Navigator  flew straight back in time to New York  ’77 when Arthur Russell was discovering disco, or if he stuck on Liquid Liquid instead of firing on The Beach Boys, and kept audio samples instead of alien samples, and you’re almost there!

How did you discover this band/artist?

I put a tape out with a label in Brooklyn called UUU Tapes, and Ian, the guy who runs it said: “oh, do you know Gary who is also living in Glasgow?”.  He also had a song on a sampler tape that he was putting out and I was like “no!” so we got in touch. It was kind of funny the two of us kind of going the exact same route independently of one another, haha. Oh, the internet.

How would you describe the live experience?

I havent experienced it live yet, but im looking forward to it! Its still in the developmental stage for live but I’m sure it will be total vibetown wherever/whenever it goes down.

If you had to suggest one of their songs to start someone off with, what would it be?

You can download the UUU Suuumuuur Sampluuur (from here) that has Gary’s track Night Time Trail, which is real good, or you can go to his soundcloud and download some tracks and some awesome mixes for free!

He’s also got a 12″ called Gestures coming out on the awesome label Underwater Peoples real soon! Keep your eyes peeled!

A big thanks to Tangles for the Recommendation.

Keep up to date with Sad City at Tumblr.

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