Favourite Son Podcast – Panic/Pissed

Posted on August 8, 2011


Welcome to the Favourite Son Podcast, named after the two stages I’ll go through on Thursday night. I’ve got a load of freebies, new and upcoming releases, gig news, and some final words on the build up to the Favourite Son Presents gig.

It will probably be a few weeks until the next one, and for the moment last week’s podcast is down, but I’ll have it back up soon.


The Boy Orchestra – Statistics

The Mouse That Ate The Cat – Falling Down

The Moth And The Mirror – Lights In The Sky

Michael Cassidy – Fifteen Years

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Make Sparks – Your Heart Is On Fire

Rumour Cubes – Rain On Titans

Blank Canvas – Veins

Dead Electric – A Brand New manual

Adam Stafford – Fire And Theft

Skippy Dyes – Hole

Discopolis – Lofty Ambitions

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