Aerials Up Interview

Posted on December 14, 2011


Aerials Up are undoubtably one of my favourite live bands in Scotland; the seven piece boast a hefty back catalogue, and produce a wonderfully organic wall of sound.

The Superglue EP – released earlier this year – caught the effect on record perfectly, and the band now have another impressive string to their bow in the form of new single I Am.

The band were kind enough to answer some questions recently, and talked about the new track, future plans, the Save BBC Introducing Campaign, and Simon Le Bon.

Have a listen to I Am below, and click the link at the end to purchase.

If you had to introduce folk to Aerials Up in one tweet (140 characters or less) what would you say?;-)charliesheen.jobdone

Your new single, I Am, is out now. What can you tell me about the track, and how to get a hold of it?

It’s available to download right now from Kittiwake Records’ online store and all other digital music stores, innit. It’s a song about me (Kemy).

You recently played the Save BBC Introducing In Scotland guerrila gig, and have played the BBC Introducing Stage at T in the Park; how important do you think it is that the show is saved?

It’s massively important. There are very few major ways for emerging Scottish acts to get their music heard by a wider audience, this is one of the biggest platforms for new Scottish music and any sort of plan to merge all the regional shows into one big UK show would take away a big opportunity for acts all across the country. Ally, Muslim, Vic and all the BBC Introducing team can be seen regularly at local gigs across the country, there’s no way a UK wide show could represent all the different stuff happening up here.

You also recently supported Duran Duran, how did that come about? and how was the experience?

We got a phone call from the good people at DF concerts on the Friday to see if we wanted to do the gig. They forwarded our details away to DD’s people and then Craig Johnoston called (and woke me up) on Saturday morning to tell us that Duran Duran had actually taken a listen and picked us to do it themselves, so we owe Duran Duran and DF big thanks for that!

Can we expect the debut album in 2012? any other plans for next year?

Yes indeed, we’re putting plans in place for an album at the moment, finishing off some songs and getting ready to record them. We hope to have the album out early next year. We’re pretty excited about it!

Are you planning any new year’s resolutions? or are there any you think other band members should have?

Ruth’s gonna stop biting her nails again. Murphy’s giving up beer. Cat’s giving up Cuban cigars.

If your music could be the soundtrack to any film or TV show, which would you choose?


If you could steal a song from an unsigned act and have it as your own, which song would you take?

Michael Cassidy – Everybody’s Scared. We’d love to steal the shit outa that song!

And finally, random question from The Little Kicks: What is your favourite packet of crisps to have with a beer?

They should know, they ate them all at our Liquid Rooms gig!


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Group Photo by India Heron

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