Albums of the Year

Posted on December 28, 2011


2011 is nearly over and that means it’s time for bloggers to start making end of the year lists. I’m going to start with albums this year and in the following days you can expect EP’s of 2011, Songs of 2011 (including a top ten podcast), In Memorium (a feature on the bands that have sadly split this year), and possibly another list or 2 depending how the week goes.

I always find the albums list a difficult one; it’s nothing to do with the quality of releases as there have been some amazing LP’s this year, it’s probably more to do with my minute brain taking in all that information.

I’ve listed 15 albums below that have really caught my attention in the past 12 months, with ten to start off with and then the top 5 in order. There will no doubt be glaring ommissions in the list, and some of that may be down to me not having heard certain albums, but the list sums up nicely my best albums of 2011.

The Best Albums of 2011 No’s 15-6 (in no particular order):

Andrea Marini – Andrea Marini

Beerjacket – The White Feather Trail

The Birthday Suit – The Eleventh Hour

Come On Gang! – Strike A Match

Dananananaykroyd – There Is A Way

Debutant – We Stand Alone Together

The Dirty Beggars – Bite The Bullet

Indian Red Lopez – Empty Your Lungs and Breathe

LightGuides – Samba Samba Samba

The Little Kicks – The Little Kicks

The Top 5 Albums of 2011:

5. Conquering Animal Sound – Kammerspiel

4. Dead Electric – This Mind Of Yours

3. United Fruit – Fault Lines

2. Happy Particles – Under Sleeping Waves

1. The Son(s) – The Son(s)

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