Songs of the Year

Posted on December 30, 2011


It has been amazingly hard to narrow down my favourite tracks of 2011. After much deliberation I whittled it down, and the list of amazing tracks I didn’t manage to include is a testament to how many great releases there have been this year.

I’ve decided to do a top 40, with numbers 40-11 listed below in alphabetical order (with songs and links for all), and the top ten presented in a podcast at the bottom of the page. I’ve not listed the top ten yet in an attempt to give the podcast a bit of suspense, but will do in the coming week. As always I babble on in the podcast, and say ‘um’ and ‘yeah’ a lot.

Songs of the Year No’s 40-11 (in alphabetical order):

Amber Wilson – Raise The Alarm

Beerjacket – The Monsters

Bellow Below – Trailblazer!

Blue Sky Archives – A Mighty Handful

Brown Bear and the Bandits – Truth Or Dare

Carnivores – Black Rain/Purple Sabbath

Cities and Skylines
– Holes In The Snow

Conquering Animal Sound
– Tracer

Dead Electric – A Brand New Manual

Discopolis – Lofty Ambitions

Fatherson – Town For Tourists

Friends Are Friends – Two To Tango

Friends In America – You’re

In:Auteurs – Russian Cameras

Indian Red Lopez – My Eyes

Johnny and the Giros – SY:NC

Letters – Pipe Dreams

Michael Cassidy – Everybody’s Scared

The Mouse That Ate The Cat – Falling Down

Scarlet Shift – Artery

Shooting Stansfield – Endeavour

Skies Fell – The Kite

So Many Animal Calls – In Vivo

Sojourner – The Devil Makes

Sonny Marvello – Tiny Little Sparks

Stanley Odd – The Day I Went Deaf

This Silent Forest – Falter Discover

Trapped In Kansas – I Was Born

Verse Metrics – Oscillations

We See Lights
– I Hope You Like The Smiths

The Top Ten Podcast:

Links to all the songs in the top ten will appear here in the next week or so.

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