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Posted on February 1, 2012


If you saw the end of year lists on the blog then you will have seen Forest Fires mentioned as one of my Tips for 2012. The Edinburgh-based quartet have just posted their first video, and it’s a peach. The track is Recovery and I think you’ll soon see why I’m so hyped about this band.

The video was shot and edited by Tom Joy.

I don’t usually get round to mentioning many bands from outwith Scotland, but I’ve been eagerly anticipating new material from Lines Across Maps for a while now. The Lincolnshire math-rockers have released this teaser video for their upcoming EP and it suggests there’s something hefty on the way.

The Scottish Alternative Music Awards take place on 1st March at The Garage in Glasgow and already it looks like the second year is going to far outdo the success of the first.

The nominations have now all been announced and there are seven categories loaded with up and coming Scottish talent, and you get to choose the winners. Below is the video for the Best Newcomer category – featuring several favourites of this site – and if you head over to the Official SAMA Website you will find the full lists.

Voting will be open very soon and tickets are on sale for the event here.

Facepaint the Ultimate Warrior would be proud of and slick production make this video well worth checking out. It’s the promo for Johnny and the Giros bangin’ new track, The Day That Friction Overcame Fun, that will be available to download from February 10th.

Make sure you get along to the single launch at 20 Rocks in Falkirk on Friday.Details here.

Discopolis release the mighty Zenethobia through Kids Records on March 5th and have teamed up with Quintana Films to produce this awesome promo. 

Catch them live in paisley this Thursday as part of one of the best line up’s of the year. Details here.

So Many Animal Calls release Traps through Overlook Records on Monday, and I’m not going to say too much at the moment as there is a review on the way, but you can pre-order it now and attend the launch night at Milk on Wednesday.

The video is the fine work of Emily Wylde.

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