So Many Animal Calls – Traps

Posted on February 12, 2012


With its fresh and feisty vibe, this new single Traps from Glasgow’s very own So Many Animal Calls shows the young four-piece at their most ambitious so far. From the wee intricate guitar melodies and funky bass riffs to the powerful young Scottish accented vocals, ‘Traps’ is reminiscent of an early Twin Atlantic, almost like a younger ambitious sibling (it also helps that it’s recorded by Twin’s producer Bruce Rintoul…!) It’s a great quality of sound for such a young band to achieve and the fact that they wouldn’t settle for anything less further shows their dedication to their work.

This is shown again in b-side ‘The Best Way To Be Broken’, which is far more slower and emotional, starting off as just a piano ballad with Sean McKenna’s confident young vocals before slowly building up to show that good production again three minutes in. The guys layer their vocals rather impressively, with piano, light guitar and drums carrying the song in the background. Lovely.

If you like the single, you won’t want to miss the launch this coming Wednesday (15th Feb) at Milk, Flat 0/1 in the boys’ hometown of Glasgow.

Review by Nina Glencross

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