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Posted on February 20, 2012


Here’s the brilliantly named Fat Goth performing One Night In Kevin live at Dexters in Dundee earlier this month.

You can download a host of tracks from the 3-piece on Bandcamp now.

PS why is it Dundee bands seem to have the best song titles? Answers on a postcard.

The Machine Room have just popped this video online for Your Head On The Floor Next Door, taken from their upcoming Love From A Distance EP. There will be some words on the site about the EP very soon, which the band are launching at The Wee Red Bar on Saturday 3rd March.

Julia and the Doogans have a new EP coming out soon, and you can now hear one of the tracks, Bound, which is accompanied by this lovely video of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers getting their boogie on.

The EP is tentatively out in ‘The Spring’ and I’m very much looking forward to it now.

A trio of live videos now, all from one fella on youtube. At the moment I don’t have any details other than you can find a host more of his flicks under Cowboym1ke, but I’ll be sure to add them here if I do.

First up is Fatherson playing Gone Fission at the Picture House in Edinburgh recently. It’s one of their older tracks, but it has grown as a live number and is still one of their finest.

Fatherson were playing that gig as support for Frightened Rabbit, who were testing a host of new material. One of which was Oil Slick which was caught on camera.It’s not the greatest of quality, but it’s great to get a glimpse of what’s to come.

And finally, you may have read the review of the recent Aerials Up gig at King Tut’s, and now you can see part of the show. The band were also playing some new material, and here’s footage of On The Dead Sea, which is sounding great.

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