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Posted on February 27, 2012


It’s busy times for French Wives right now; this week the band start an 8 date UK tour, then they head out to America for SXSW, and they are also releasing their debut album this year. As if all that wasn’t enough, the band have found time to make this video for album track Younger, which they are giving away for FREE on Bandcamp now.

New Glasgow based label Comet and Cartwheels came into existance this week and it looks like exciting times ahead. There’s a lot of talented folk involved behind the scenes and future releases for Endor and PartWindPartWolf can be expected.

First up, though, will be Quickbeam‘s single Seven Hundred Birds on April 9th. You can watch the video for the track below and get a FREE download of Tide from Bandcamp now.

This is certainly one of the better uses of stock footage, and one of the more mental videos you will see, with Japanese nuns giving some lass a doing with petals. It’s the new promo from My Tiny Robots for their current single Zut Alors, which you can purchase on Bandcamp.

The last Mickey 9’s video I posted is easily one of my favourite to appear on the blog. It looks like they may be about to outdo it, though, as this wee glimpse of their new video suggests it’s going to be a belter. Expect the full video next week.

Any Color Black are back, and with a banging new tune and quite fantastic video. The track is You, which is being released as a single on 19th March, but the really exciting news is the band will be releasing their debut album on 9th April.

The video is the work of Breaking Point Flix.

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