The Machine Room – Love From A Distance EP

Posted on February 29, 2012


This growingly popular Edinburgh five-piece describe their songs as ‘bewitched pop musings’. “Sounds a bit daft”, I hear you smirk, but this description actually does quite well in summing up the sound of the four track EP. Take opener Cost of Progress, for example; introducing the band’s dark electro-pop sound, the track is fuelled by loud echoing synths and jangly guitar melodies pumped with reverb creating an atmospheric wall of sound. However, what stands out most throughout the EP is John Bryden’s eerily calm falsetto vocals, which he layers, using them as an ethereal instrument in their own right.

Your Head On The Floor Next Door is definitely a stand out track, and with its clear, clean, melodic sound, it maintains the band’s signature atmosphere yet takes that wall down a little, showing a softer, warmer side to the band.

This is short lived, however, as the wall is quickly rebuilt in Camino de Soda. Originally released as a single prior to the EP, the track was met with high praise from both press and public, leading the band to be tipped as one of Vic Galloway’s ‘Ones to Watch 2012’. Not bad. The song brings back this heavy atmospheric sound and is led by an intricate drum rhythm complete with cowbell, giving it a slightly exotic yet industrial edge.

Final track Picking Holes is less electro and more rock. The jangly guitar is, again, loaded with reverb to create that big wall of sound, which engulfs everything else. However, it doesn’t, as you might expect, sound too cluttered or sluggish, and Bryden again uses his vocal talent to create an eerie atmosphere over the top.

With their increasing popularity, the EP, which showcases The Machine Room’s unique sound and talent, seems rather hotly anticipated and its release should see the band gain much more attention this year.

The EP is released 5th March.

Review by Nina Glencross

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Launch Show at The Wee Red Bar on Friday 3rd March

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