Discopolis – Zenithobia

Posted on March 7, 2012


I had to check the meaning of  Zenithobia online before writing this review, and couldn’t find a accurate definition, so I have went with it being the fear of ‘the best or most successful point or time’. I’m probably way off here, but fuck it, it’s a better segway than linking it to Xenophobia.

Anyhow, my convoluted reasoning got me thinking about the success that is surely imminent for Discopolis and how their new release is going to set them up for a massive summer.

The build up really makes this song, with the pulsing synth’s and Fergus Cook’s soaring vocals creating a sense of hope, like the Scotish summer trying to make an appearance through the grey, but unlike our bleak July’s the track bursts through the clouds with a massive show of euphoria. It’s emphatic and engulfing, and I can’t wait to see it in a muddy field this summer.

There are few bands that can do the genre crossover thing as well, and Zenithobia shows a young band that have already cornered the market for electro-indie. Massive success is on its way for Discopolis, and it’s certainly nothing for us to be afraid about.

Zenithobia is available to buy now, and make sure you also purchase the excellent remixes by Miaoux Miaoux and One Dollar Dave.

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