Meet My Roster – Overlook Records

Posted on March 15, 2012


The musical landscape changes all the time, adapting to its surroundings, and one of my favourite occurences from this is the emergence of DIY and indie labels.

There are many smaller labels out there putting the majors to shame by working on pure passion for the music they release, so I thought it was time to find out a bit more from the people from said labels about music they release.

First up is Glasgow-based Overlook Records, which apparently started over a whiskey-fuelled discussion one night and has only been in existance for only a short time.

Already boasts a mighty stable with some of the very best alternative Scottish bands, and is a strong favourite around here.

Label co-owner Chris Ward kindly gave an insight into his roster and helped give a real feel for the culture behind it.

Make sure you head to the Overlook Records website for more details.

Here’s what he had to say:

“The thing about overlook records is we don’t work like a conventional record label, we are a family, and I truly mean that. We all help each other out and work together to just have the best time and laugh and support each other.”

The Darien Venture

“Overlook Records started because of this band and Trapped in Kansas. I have been a fan of The Darien Venture since the moment I heard their track 1.21 Gigawatts around three years ago. Since then I’ve had the honour of sharing a stage and tour with these guys and when the opportunity came to release their music, I never looked back. They are such a talented band, a musician’s band, the kind of band that when you’re in a band, it makes you jealous of how good they are.”

Trapped in Kansas

“Well, since I play in TiK it seemed fairly obvious to release our music via the label. We’d been passed around a few labels at the time we’d recorded our EP and everyone was humming and hawing and nobody was really moving forward – not a lot of people know, but we sat on our EP for six months while we waited on labels to make their mind up on us. In the end we just felt the best deal was to go DIY and see where we went from there.”


“Salò were brought to my attention as Colin from TiK used to play in a band called No Kilter, and two thirds of Salò used to be in No Kilter, so we knew from an early stage about them. We’d spoken to Salo at the beginning and offered to release their debut EP when it was ready and when we heard the tracks we were blown away! Such an amazing band recorded, but live they’ll blow your mind!”

So Many Animal Calls

“I’ve known about SMAC for a while and was a fan of their 1st EP. I remember hearing their single Traps and just thinking, ‘wow, they’ve made the next step up’. Everything was so much better than before and I knew we’d need to get involved. They are also a nice, hardworking bunch of lads. I’m very excited about their forthcoming EP.”

Bellow Below

“I have been friends with the band for years. I’ve always known people will love them – and they’ve tentatively given hints of their brilliance already with their demos – they just need to get their music to a bigger platform and that’s what I’m hoping to achieve with their debut EP. I think people will be looking at themselves and be like “Fuck! How did I not know this amazing band existed”. I’d also put them in the got to see them live category, they just melt your face!”


“My boys! I love Vasa, I’ve been friends with Scott from Vasa since we went to the same uni together and lived in the same halls, (in fact, Scott lived across the corridor from me and next door to Iain from Trapped in Kansas), but when they first put up their demo, I knew they had the potential to be an amazing band. I instantly got in contact with Scott and just said “look, please think about coming over to Overlook, I’d love to put your EP out” and we really haven’t looked back from there.”

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