Capitals – Jealousy/Sinking Ships

Posted on March 21, 2012


Recently, there has been a fair rise in popularity for dark electronic pop music both in Scotland and across the UK and Edinburgh’s Capitals are one such act to adopt this style for their own.

After the release of last year’s critically acclaimed Hello World and A Spectre Is Haunting Europe, their latest double A side single Jealousy/Sinking Ships sees the two-piece explore their music a little further and deeper.

Whilst Jealousy sticks to a more linear structure and a more radio friendly vibe with a solid beat and steady sound, Sinking Ships is far more explorative, packed with layered synths, bass and guitar battling against each other, abstract melodies and complex rhythms. Despite these differences, both tracks demonstrate Capitals penchant for dark and gritty production and Angus Carbarns’ intense vocal talent.

With such a successful first year already under their belt, taking in a UK/EU tour and several festival dates, this new double A side single should see the Edinburgh duo enjoy even more success as strong contenders in the new dark electro pop revolution.

Review by Nina Glencross


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