Meet My Roster – Gerry Loves Records (Part 1)

Posted on May 9, 2012


Gerry Loves Records is an Edinburgh based indie label that has a fantastic way of working; not pressured to release to a timescale, the label handpicks the very best of Scottish talent and puts them together for split releases.

All releases through the label are available only on vinyl (hence the name) and digital download, and with every release there are special edition boxsets that sell out in no time and are collectors items in the making.

Andy Lobban and Patrick Berry are the men behind the scenes who act as label bosses/musical matchmakers and their great ear for talent and endeavour to deliver a special release makes Gerry Loves stand out from the crowd.

Andy was kind enough talk me through the Gerry Loves Records roster, and give a cracking insight into culture behind it.

Make sure you head over to the Gerry Loves Records website for more details.

I’ve split this into two parts, with the second including details of the upcoming split release, and here’s what Andy had to say in Part 1:

“Gerry Loves Records is an excuse for two friends to geek out over records and drink too much. More seriously, we want to put out music we love, in packages that people want to own.

None of these bands are ‘on’ our label. We do one release at a time and don’t have contracts.”

Conquering Animal Sound

“We saw CAS in a working men’s club on the south side of Glasgow and just thought they were amazing. They were nice enough to trust us to do our first release with them. Debut album came out last year on Gizeh. Second album being mixed just now. Destined for good things.”


“Phil is the reason we started the label when we did. Paddy had heard his stuff while living in Aberdeen, and when he moved to Edinburgh we went to see him and got along well straight away. An Aberdeen loon like ourselves, and much better live when he’s angry.”

Trapped in Kansas

“I met Trapped in Kansas when we did an Off The Beaten Tracks session with them at T in the Park for The Skinny. They played Towerblock which was really new at the time and I absolutely loved it. It took us a while to sort something out but I’m glad we did.”


“We met Lewis at the same show we saw CAS play at in the working men’s club. Then he sent us some tracks and they were amazing. Now makes music as Mother Ganga. A lovely guy who will never reply to your emails. RIP Yahweh.”

Fox Gut Daata

“Rickie is friends with Conquering Animal Sound and we had him play at one of the shows for their release. I thought he was amazing, and every time he plays one of our shows loads of people who wouldn’t normally be in to that kind of thing think it’s amazing. Hard as nails in bad weather.”

Miaoux Miaoux

“We saw Julian at the same gig we saw Field Mouse live for the first time. Julian is one of these young, overly-talented people with a really broad taste in music and fine line in scarves. Now signed to Chemikal Underground.”

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